Custom Safety Tapes & their Applications

JessupTapeIf you happen to be unfamiliar with custom grip tape, you have likely seen its application numerous times and just not have known it. Grip tape is probably most recognized for its use in the sport of skateboarding, where professional skateboarders rely heavily on grip tape materials for traction and for better support when performing amazing stunts on their skateboard. While it can be argued that skateboarders put grip tape on the map and helped make grip tape become a known commodity, there are other important uses for grip tape, and other safety tape materials. This blog will discuss the importance of custom safety tapes and their applications concerning safety measures in buildings and large office areas where a lot of people congregate on a daily basis.

Accidental falls, slipping, and tripping are the most common types of human accidents involved in buildings. As silly as it might sound when reading that sentence, slips and falls lead to the most serious injuries involved in the workplace. Unfortunately, the human body can be very fragile, especially when falling in an awkward manner. The most common cause of falling accidents revolves around slippery floor surfaces. Water, accumulation of condensation, oils, soaps, and cleaning substances can all cause a person to slip, which is why most building owners are starting to use custom grip tape applications to significantly reduce and prevent accidental falls.

In the event of an unfortunate circumstance that calls for an evacuation, people located on higher floors in a large building or high-rise are instructed to use the stairwell, and to stay away from the elevators. One of the most common places a person would find grip tape is on the stairs, and even on the rails while descending the stairs. Safety tapes are strategically placed in these locations because when people are evacuating, they are stressed due to being put in a state of panic and great concern for their well being, subsequently raising an individual’s blood pressure, which consequently leads to sweaty hands. When numerous hands are touching a rail simultaneously, it becomes slippery from the sweaty palms and excessively oily skin. Therefore, if someone reaches and grabs a slippery rail, he or she might lose their balance and go tumbling down the stairwell, seriously injuring him or herself, and potentially injuring others who will no doubt trip over the body. This terrible scenario could lead to a pile of injured bodies that will prevent almost everyone descending the stairwell from reaching safety in a timely manner.

If you are debating whether custom safety tapes are needed in your building or office location, contact Jessup Manufacturing for more information to find out if this is a wise safety investment for you. Jessup has been helping building and business owners for decades improve the safety measurements and protocols within their respective locations. Jessup is prepared to help you implement the proper safety procedures in your building with the help of custom safety tapes, and take full advantage of its myriad applications.

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