Commercial Non-Slip Solutions for Hotels & Multi-Housing Buildings

Accidents resulting from an individual slipping on a surface and suffering a terrible fall are common in bathrooms. It has been traditional to use mats or place traction products within a shower or bathtub to avoid these types of incidents among hotel guests or multi-housing structure occupants. The latest offering to businesses in the lodging industry is a chemical based non-slip bath treatment meant to add friction to the surface without any adhesive additions. This approach can seem like a solid idea for lodging businesses at a quick glance; however, the drawbacks of such an application are hard to miss. A product of this nature makes it hard to accommodate travelers or residents who prefer businesses do their part for the environment.

How do the latest slip resistant products rate when considering the environment and everyone involved? Applying a chemical based solution to prevent slipping during bath time introduces the possibility of individuals bathing in a less safe atmosphere. While it is true that alternative slip resistant materials must be replaced to remain effective, items such as traction tapes provide a sound solution without adding chemicals to the mix. Companies desiring to appeal to the eco-friendliness of their customers have several types of non-slip solutions available outside of chemical application to ensure safety and remain ahead of the competition. Tapes are designed to be placed on many surface types for creating the gripping ability necessary to prevent accidents. This affordable option does not introduce chemicals or other harmful materials to guests or the environment.

Applying Anti-Slip Tapes To Boost Bathroom Safety

Chemical based solutions are said to eliminate difficult cleaning areas, improve visual appeal, and prevent accidents in a more cost efficient manner. Anti-slip tapes do not require hotel or housing employees to add another agent to their list of duties. Additionally, these products are easy to install, require minimal care, and can be purchased in a large variety to accommodate the visual needs of a facility. Tapes are a good option around sinks, tubs, toilets, showers, and additional locations such as gym facilities or swimming areas where water spills occur quite easily. The consistent application required by agents increases the necessary cost to generate the same results experienced with alternative non-slip solutions.

How do traction or gripping tapes compare to the latest commercial products being offered to businesses in the lodging industries? Traction treads do not require frequent application to remain safe or create additional work for employees at these facilities. While the cost is comparable for initial application, a company will only need to buy anti-slip tape once over a certain number of years. Replacement is not a significant concern since these products are designed to have a long life with minimal care. Treads may be purchased in an assortment of sizes, colors, and grades to ensure every area of a facility is covered at a low cost. Traction tapes are safe, dependable, and an easy solution to what has been a consistent lodging industry problem. In only a few minutes, companies can ensure the safety of their guests or residents without the worry of harming the environment or people.

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