Commercial Anti-Slip Tapes Supply Easy Non Slip Solutions for Hotels

Non slip solutions are designed to prevent accidents in locations where a fall is more likely to happen. Businesses can purchase traction products in countless forms; however, commercial anti-slip tapes are one of the simplest and most affordable options. Traction tapes provide a gripping surface capable of aiding individuals in maintaining footing on naturally slick floors or at times when other factors cause the surface to become slippery. Non slip solutions are necessary in numerous hotel areas to prevent costly accidents by staff members or customers. What is commercial anti-slip tape and why is it an imperative safety addition in a hotel environment? These products consist of an adhesive backside for simple, dependable application. The top contains a grit-like surface designed to provide extra traction for slick shoes, spill scenarios, and in accident prone areas such as stairs. They make it easier for individuals to maneuver safely through a structure regardless of flooring conditions.

Non Slip Solutions Are Customizable

Tapes offer a low cost option to any hotel owner desiring to create a safer environment for their guests and staff. Stairs, bathrooms, laundry rooms, workout facilities, pools, lobbies, and kitchens are great choices for the addition of commercial anti-slip tapes. These areas become hazardous as spills occur or water is tracked in from outside weather.  Flooring is often slippery by nature and the extra precaution prevents a fall as heavy bags or other items are carried to various locations. Installation takes only a couple of minutes with minimal maintenance requirements during use. While black coloring is common, manufacturers offer an abundance of solutions to meet the individual needs of any hotel. Specific colors or grades can be installed in any area and photoluminescent options are available to further support outlined egress paths. Commercial anti-slip tapes offer a customizable option that does not create a vast amount of overhead and provides a dependable gripping aid.

Preserving the Quality of Commercial Anti-Slip Tapes

Hotel spaces such as lobby entrances become dangerous environment as outside weather conditions cause water to be tracked onto floors. An unknown spill on a stairwell or slick floor can result in a detrimental accident. Traction tapes are designed to counteract hazards as individuals maneuver through an area or carry heavy items. A few precautions will ensure non slip solutions chosen for a hotel environment will remain dependable. Commercial anti-slip tapes must be stored in a warm, dry location to maintain their effectiveness. Always clean the object’s surface and let it dry before completing the application process to make certain it will remain in place. Isopropyl Alcohol makes a great choice for removing grime from a surface before applying a non slip solution. Do not apply petroleum based or spirit cleaners as they create a residue that prevents proper adhesion. Porous surfaces should be sealed prior to installation to ensure water penetration does not reduce performance. Traction products should be implemented in any location where a person could experience a slip and fall incident.  Jessup MFG offers many beneficial non slip solutions to aid businesses in creating a safer environment for guests and workers.

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