Anti-Slip Tapes Improve Merchandise Quality and Usage Safety

Anti-slip tapes offer original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) the opportunity to enhance their products. Traction tapes are purchasable as a strip in precut sizes or can be cut to meet less common dimensions. They provide a gripping surface to areas where further traction is needed to prevent injury during operation. Anti-slip tape has been a popular application in a variety of products; however, it is particularly useful for construction, farm, transportation, and lawn equipment. A slip while climbing or maneuvering on equipment has a possibility for severe injury since incidents frequently occur while the machine is in operation. Traction tapes can be placed as a safety measure on footing pieces or alternative pieces used to make large machinery. OEM’s providing components for heavy machinery have these tapes as a product improvement option. Heavy duty industrial grades, flexible, and glow-in-the-dark choices make it easy to include the precise qualities needed for increasing safety on large machinery.

The Impact of a Slip and Fall Incident

A large possibility of severe injury exists when an accident occurs on a heavy piece of equipment. Numerous outside factors such as mud or water make metal surfaces slick and affect the gripping ability of slip resistant shoes. Anti-slip tapes are added to footing areas on machines or walking locations to provide additional traction for counteracting these conditions. When a person falls on a piece of construction machinery or during operation at home, they are likely to break bones or become harmed by moving parts. A falling incident becomes a legal issue for the company who sold the equipment and can often come back on the particular OEM of the part. OEM’s can ensure continued business by including anti-slip tapes as part of the manufactured component. Only a minimal investment is required to make this product enhancement and the worry of a bad injury is greatly reduced on both sides of the manufacturing fence.

Traction Tape Is a Simple Safety Solution

Traction tapes are applicable to any surface where a person must climb up or maneuver around devices in dangerous conditions. Flexible and glow-in-the-dark options allow a gripping surface with increased visibility to be added to any sold component. Traditional designs are applicable on boats, jet skis, lawn mowers, buses, combines, large trucks, and various other forms of heavy duty equipment. This addition ensures individuals have a suitable gripping area to counteract slickness caused by particular shoe soles or outside conditions such as a rainy day. The cost of making this addition to merchandise is small when compared to the aftermath of a dangerous fall. It also makes any product offered by an OEM in these industries more appealing because companies selling machinery want their merchandise to be safe and to avoid the complications caused by these types of injuries. Jessup MFG offers multiple solutions to meet the individual traction needs of manufacturers in the farm, construction, transportation, and gardening industries. As a top provider of anti-slip tapes, Jessup supplies a cost effective, easy to implement option for OEM’s wanting to improve product safety.

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