Anti-Slip Tape Is an Easy Solution for Making Stairwells Safer

Stairway falls are a main contributor to accidents in the both the workplace and public use facilities. A single fall is capable of costing a company hundreds to even thousands of dollars depending on the extent of injury. Insurance claims further this cost by increasing the required rate of payment. The legal aspects of these incidents are typically unbearable. Studies have shown slip and fall accidents to be the second largest form of insurance claim with motor vehicle accidents residing in first place. These scenarios are frequently due to loss of balance when carrying an item or sliding due to a wet surface. Businesses desiring to supply further protection should consider the addition of anti-slip tape.

Traction products supply a little extra help to individual carrying large objects or struggling with slick shoes. The simplest fall has the capability to create a serious injury and result in astonishing expenses. Where a person falls plays a large role in the injuries suffered with the most critical situations involving a slip at the top of a set of stairs. Instilling measures to minimize this type of hazard is the best way to protect a company. Anti-slip tapes supply a low cost, easy to apply choice every business has available for decreasing this risk. Traction products are applicable on stairs, around equipment, on machinery, and in any area where a slick surface could be present. They provide a gripping surface for the soles of shoes as an individual progresses down a set of stairs, climbs in or out of equipment, or moves through an areas susceptible to injuries.

What Is the Proper Way to Apply Traction Materials?

Anti-slip tape supplies an industrial quality product for improving the gripping ability between two surfaces. It is purchasable in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and colors to meet individual needs. While these items do not provide the exact decorative appeal a business might desire, they reduce the dangers associated with this type of accident. Products designed to meet this purpose are highly durable and have become an easy to implement choice for schools, businesses, and construction work areas. They are additionally a sufficient choice for motor vehicles, boats, pools, and manufacturing facilities. Follow these steps to apply anti-slip tape to a surface:

  • Clean the Application Area with a Degreasing Solvent or Detergent
  • Use a Stripping Compound on Stairs with a Strippable Finish
  • Sponge Clean Each Application Location
  • Allow to Dry
  • Primer Should Be Applied to Concrete or Unglazed Stone Surfaces
  • Position the Anti-Slip Tape Half an Inch from the Edge of Each Stair
  • Peel Back Approximately Two Inches of the Protective Backing
  • Press Down Firmly While Continuing to Remove the Backing
  • Use a Rubber Roller to Evenly Press the Strip Down

These steps must be performed on each stair or area where anti-slip tape will be applied. Traction products are easy to install, durable, and cost effective choice for improving the safety in high risk areas. A business or individual wanting to decrease the chance of an accident and avoid the aftermath of a terrible fall has many choices with these affordable products.

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