Anti-Slip Safety Products Designed to Help Maintenance & Janitorial Staff

Loss of footing on as slick or wet floor is one of the most common causes of workplace accidents. Serious injuries resulting from this type of incident totaled in the thousands just in the last year. Companies who have dealt with a slip and fall incident in the workplace know the significance of such an occurrence. The final expense typically totals thousands or millions of dollars once compensation claims, insurance settlements, loss of work, and medical reimbursement have been covered. The possibility of an accident is greatly reduced when the appropriate precautions are in place. Anti-slip safety products offer an inexpensive and effective method for limiting the effects of wet, oily, or slick surfaces. Janitors or maintenance crews frequently working in these environmental conditions have an increased risk of injury. Anti-slip safety products provide additional support at times when a surface becomes slick or individuals lose their balance. Workers are able to maintain footing on equipment, work safely around machinery, and carry items at a much lower risk of injury.

Facility Upkeep Is a Dangerous Job

A variety of the tasks performed by individuals in this field of work could be considered safe; however, work in wet environments or possible spill areas entails many dangers. Staff members can easily lose their footing on a piece of equipment, slip on an unknown spill, or fall while working on facility equipment. Maintenance staffs perform numerous duties where the risk of a fall is high including:

  • Floor Upkeep
  • Machinery Repair
  • Spill Cleanup
  • Snow Removal
  • Grounds Care

One wrong move on a piece of equipment such as a mower could lead to loss of a limb or worse. Falls on concrete pathways during snow removal or while working on machinery are equally dangerous. Individuals have broken bones, suffered head trauma, or injured their back during what would appear as a minor slip. The equipment and chemicals required for janitorial or maintenance services naturally create hazardous environments and companies need to implement additional precautionary measures to make the possibility of an accident less likely.

How Does Anti-Slip Tape Support Work Crew Safety?

Anti-slip tapes are often associated with a work atmosphere; however, these products are applicable in countless types of structures to improve traction on less than ideal surfaces. Placing tape on the leading edge of stairs, ramps, around equipment, and on machinery supplies maintenance crews with the extra traction necessary to safely perform their duties. Anti-slip treads have an adhesive backside for easy application on multiple types of surfaces. The top portion of the tape resembles sand paper and allows individuals to keep their footing in wet or dry conditions as they maneuver down stairs or through other areas of a structure. Tapes with photoluminescent qualities are another option for enhancing a buildings egress system. They provide a visual and footing aid in emergency situations where an accident could occur quite easily. A company can have these items placed within or outside of a building to counteract dangerous weather conditions. The versatile sizing and color options offered by tread suppliers makes these products a suitable choice for maintenance staffs working in an office, commercial, school, industrial, or home environment.

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