Anti-Slip Tape Varieties Easily Meet the Grip Tape Needs of Sports Enthusiasts

Anti-Slip Tape Varieties Easily Meet the Grip Tape Needs of Sports Enthusiasts

Anti-slip tapes are commonly applied to skateboards, water sport items, or fitness equipment to create the additional traction necessary for top performance. The product is often referred to as grip tape in the skateboarding industry and has proven to be a must have for the serious sportsman. Traction products help an individual to maintain footing as they perform stunts, enjoy the water, or work hard at the gym. An extra layer with sand paper like qualities can be added to the surface of several athletic items. It can be applied as a plain color or with various designs to add a more personal touch. Basic anti-slip tapes for any of the above athletic purposes consist of a black sheet with a gripping surface on one side and an adhesive backside for trouble-free application. These products come in a diversity of colors and designs with a silicon carbide or aluminum oxide base.

Photoluminescent Qualities Add an Interesting Touch

Glow-in-the-dark characteristics are the newest trend when considering anti-slip tape applications. They create an interesting effect for skaters who want to be able to see their board in a darker environment. These products are applicable on any type of sporting equipment including jet skis, boats, and all-terrain vehicles. Photoluminescent tapes are made from the same materials, but include a pigmented film designed to absorb ambient light. The stored energy is then released as a continuous green glow in darker environments where lighting is unavailable. Anyone is capable of adding this type of surface to an area where slips occur frequently or additional traction is needed. Photoluminescent characteristics add a unique look to a skateboard and allow for easy identification in low light conditions where calling it quits is not an option.

Flexible Anti-Slip Tapes Are Well-Suited For Any Area

Tapes are not constricted to flat surfaces and an assortment of anti-slip products can be purchased to match the requirements of a less conforming area. Flexible tapes make it easy to accommodate a curved footing location on a water device or any type of skateboard. They are also a great choice for fitness items such as water boards or gym equipment with a curved edge as the footing location. Flexible anti-slip tapes are available in numerous grades to meet individual application needs and provide the necessary traction to show off ones skills at the skate ramp, enjoy water sports safely, or to create a better gym environment.

Quality Starts With the Manufacturer

Anti-slip tapes are better when the manufacturer is dedicated to making a quality product designed to meet the needs of individuals. A variety of options are available for supplying extra traction on a surface and it takes a certain devotion to ensure these products remain intact under the toughest environmental or usage conditions. Jessup MFG is a top manufacturer of anti-slip tapes in the fitness, skateboarding, and water sports industries. An ability to provide custom die cuts with unique logos and colors has made them a premier grip tape provider among these industries. New choices not only supply a safe gripping surface, but also help enthusiasts show off their own personal style while enjoying their athletic interest.

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