Anti Skid Safety Tapes Make Building Safety Compliance Easy

Traction tapes are an essential safety component for buildings as they provide additional gripping capabilities during unexpected or dangerous conditions. Anti skid safety tapes make an applicable option for stairs, work areas, building entrances, or other accident prone locations. Building safety compliance standards require specific measures to be put into place to avoid costly accidents. A simple fall often results in serious injuries that entail time off of work, medical expenses, insurance claims, and legal complications. The total cost of this type of accident can be astounding depending on the circumstances and extensiveness of suffered injuries. Falls are one of the most common types of accidents experienced in the workplace and commercial structures. Anti skid safety tapes are designed to supply extra traction in areas where a fall could easily occur. Their adhesive backside makes application a snap and the gritty surface supplies further gripping ability at times when a spill or other factors increase the likelihood of an accident.

Why Are Traction Tapes Important?

Not every spill is preventable within a building and various factors come into play including weather. Work or maintenance areas are subject to grease and liquid spills, which could lead to a serious accident. Outside weather such as rain or snow is easily tracked within a building thus creating a hard to see hazard. Anti skid safety tapes counteract these conditions by providing a gripping surface capable of aiding individuals in maintaining footing as they carry objects, walk down stairs, or work around equipment. Traction products offer an affordable solution for any environment where a fall is possible. The gripping portion typically consists of aluminum oxide; however, a number of materials can be used depending on the chosen manufacturer. Companies offering these products provide several options including industrial, commercial, and egress compliant choices.

Anti Skid Products Offer a Simple Solution

The expense of installing traction solutions is far less than dealing with the aftermath of a dangerous fall. Anti skid safety tapes can be installed in a matter of minutes and have a long duration of life. Owners are capable of significantly reducing the chance of a fall by choosing the right grade, color, and product. Black has been a classic color as it provides the necessary traction without distracting individuals traveling through an area; however, colored tapes are purchasable to meet local guidelines or personal preferences.

Photoluminescent products make a great choice for stairwells along defined egress paths within a structure. Self-luminous tapes glow in low lighting conditions to provide a visual aid as individuals locate the nearest exit. They not only reduce the chance of an accident, but also supply a consistent resource for exiting the structure. Adhesives used to make anti skid safety tapes may be installed on wood, concrete, metal, and additional types of surfaces. The adhesive backside is meant to stay in place for several years and the sand paper like surface is highly durable. Owners desiring a safe, easy solution for preventing falls can purchase anti skid safety tapes in rolls or pre-cut to ensure individuals are able to maintain footing as building conditions change unexpectedly.

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