Using Adhesive Tapes to Achieve Building Safety

There are several different methods and areas of protection that can be implemented in order to achieve building safety, such as efficient glow in the dark egress markings, laminated exit signage, and photoluminescent technology, to name a few. One of the less thought of products, though probably the one that would prevent the most accidents would be the use of adhesive tapes. It does not have to be during an emergency situation to see someone slip and fall due to a slippery floor that has become wet for whatever the reason may be, such as in an area where liquids are used or where condensation accumulates. Accidents such as a slip and fall happen all the time, and unfortunately, it can cause serious injury, and consequently a costly lawsuit.

If you are a business owner that operates an industrial facility that has floors that can become slick from oily liquids or wet from water or the accumulation of condensation, you should invest in adhesive tapes right away. If you operate a facility under the previously mentioned circumstances, and you have not had an accident happen yet, consider that winning the dumb luck lottery. Placing adhesive tapes on the floor of your workplace or building significantly reduces its slickness or slipperiness. It provides tracking for people as they walk, shuffle, or scurry across the room, ensuring no accidental falls occur.

Why risk the chance of a serious accident happening by not implementing a safety precaution that is very inexpensive (a lot more inexpensive than a lawsuit would be), and easy to equip? If you are a business owner suddenly realizing that using adhesive tapes for your place of business is an excellent idea, call Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup will be able to assist and provide top quality adhesive tapes that have been tried and tested, and have received adamant approval from safety regulation committees.

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