Improve safety with
non-slip films

Stop slip and fall injuries with Jessup tapes and treads


Jessup is a leader in non-slip technology offering a full line of safety tape, treads, mats, and bulk materials for industrial, commercial, and institutional use. Jessup Safety Track® and Flex Track® brands exceed Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for non-slip protection on hazardous surfaces. Jessup products are also certified “High Traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). Photoluminescent tapes and treads are certified to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and New York City (MEA #235-05-M) standards.


All of the Safety Track® and Flex Track® tapes can be custom sized and die-cut to meet your specific requirements. Our engineers can recommend the right product to work for your specific environment and usage. Custom die-cutting to fit walkways, production areas, stairs, ramps, marine decks, and designated safety areas can further reduce injuries and provide visual cues for a safer workplace.


Safety Track®

Grades and colors for all applications

Safety Track® non-slip grit tape provides a durable, even non-slip surface to reduce injury in a broad range of applications. Silicon carbide grit ensures longevity in both indoor and outdoor environments. The aggressive adhesive system provides superior resistance to temperature, moisture, and chemicals. For application assistance refer to Our Product Selection Guide

Flex Track®

The Flex Track® non-slip PVC series provides long-term non-slip surfaces for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. The heavily embossed PVC reduces slips and falls in bathing areas, on exercise equipment, trailers and much more. The messaging series completes your safety suite with signs for Danger, Caution and Safety instruction. For application assistance refer to our Product Selection Guide.



Flex Track® Fine Grade
Vinyl Tapes and Treads
4100 Series


Wet, slippery areas greatly increase the risk of injuries due to slips and falls. Flex Track® Fine Grade has been engineered for foot-friendly, no-slip protection in showers, baths and bathing areas. It is perfect for exercise and gym equipment.

For a complete list of available sizes and colors Refer to the Standard Product Chart
Colors: White, Clear, Sandstone, Black
Custom Sizes: Available upon request.

Available Skus:

4100-12CL , 4100-12S , 4100-12 , 4100-18CL , 4100-18S , 4100-18 , 4100-1CL , 4100-1S , 4100-1 , 4100-24CL , 4100-24CL , 4100-24S , 4100-24 , 4100-2CL , 4100-2S , 4100-2 , 4100-36CL , 4100-36S , 4100-36 , 4100-3CL , 4100-3S , 4100-3 , 4100-48CL , 4100-48S , 4100-48 , 4100-4CL , 4100-4S , 4100-4 , 4100-6CL , 4100-6S , 4100-6 , 4100-.75X17.5CL , 4100-.75X17.5 , 4100-.75X17.5-8 , 4100-.75X36 , 4100-.75X7.5CL , 4100-.75X7.5-12S , 4100-.75X7.5 , 4100-16X34-RC , 4100-16X34-TC , 4100-16X34-RS , 4100-16X34-RW , 4100-16X34-TW , 4100-16X40-RS-CT , 4100-16X40-RW-CT , 4100-24X24-S , 4100-24X24 , 4100-.75×17.5-8CL , 4100-.75X17.5-8S , 4100-.75×7.5-12CL , 4100-.75X7.5-12



Flex Track® Coarse Grade
Vinyl Tapes and Treads
4200 Series


This is a heavily embossed anti-slip PVC that was developed for riding lawnmowers, horse trailers, boat trailers, foot pedals, exercise equipment and more. An engineered, general purpose, aggressive adhesive system allows this product to adhere to metal, sealed wood, and most plastics. Flex Track® Coarse is available in many stock roll widths and can be custom cut.

For a complete list of available sizes and colors Refer to the Standard Product Chart
Colors: White, Clear, Black
Custom Sizes: Available upon request.

Available Skus:

4200-1 , 4200-2 , 4200-4 , 4200-6 , 4200-12 , 4200-18 , 4200-24 , 4200-36 , 4200-3 , 4200-48 , 4210-1 , 4210-12 , 4210-18 , 4210-24 , 4210-2 , 4210-36 , 4210-3 , 4210-48 , 4210-4 , 4210-6 , 4220-12 , 4220-18 , 4220-1 , 4220-24 , 4220-2 , 4220-36 , 4220-3 , 4220-48 , 4220-4 , 4220-6 , 4220-16X34-RW



Flex Track®
Messaging Film


Flex Track® Messaging Film is designed to meet OSHA 1910.145 specifications for accident prevention signs and tags. This product addresses many signage needs: Danger, Caution and Safety Instruction. Wording is concise and easily read.

For a complete list of available sizes and colors Refer to the Standard Product Chart
Colors: White, Clear, Black
Custom Sizes: Available upon request.

Available Skus:

4215-0150 , 4215-0151 , 4215-0152 , 4215-0153 , 4215-0154 , 4215-0155 , 4215-0156 , 4215-0157 , 4215-0158 , 4215-0159 , 4215-0160 , 4215-0161 , 4215-0162 , 4215-0163

OSHA and ADA Standards

Jessup non-slip products exceed requirements

Jessup non-skid tapes and treads exceed the exacting requirements in OSHA 29CFR Part 1910.23 Part D = .5 COF for walking surfaces, ladders, scaffolding and stairs. Jessup non-skid products also exceed ADA 28CFR Part 36 = .6 COF for walking surfaces and = .8 COF for ramps.

Jessup non-skid tapes and treads are the only ones in the market that are certified “High Traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).

Typical applications

Non-skid tapes and treads reduce slip accidents everywhere

Manufacturing – Production areas, designated safety areas, packing and shipping, docks, ladders, ramps.
Markets – Commerce + Retail, Graphics + Advertising, Manufacturing.
Transportation – Marine decks, running boards, steps, pedals, truck beds, train platforms.
Commerce + Retail – Fitness centers, hotel bathmats, stairwells, loading docks.
Government + Institution – Naval and Coast Guard vessels, Army vehicles, public safety, hospitals, long term care.

Building a better pallet

Non-skid grit tape keeps stuff where it belongs

A manufacturer of specialty and custom pallets determined that expensive and heavy products shifting on the pallet was a problem. Shrink-wrapping and banding could only do so much for some of their clients who invested in extruded plastic pallets for shipping their finished goods.

This was one problem that could be solved easily with Jessup Safety Track® tapes. The tapes were applied to the full line of rackable, nestable, reusable plastic pallets so that valuable and heavy items wouldn’t move. As necessary during the long life of a reusable pallet, the tape could be reapplied at any time for more traction. The pallet manufacturer ended up with a superior product, which allowed them to be more competitive and gain market share.