What are the Benefits of Non Electric Exit Signs?

wirelessexitsignsWhoever is responsible for paying your building’s or company’s utility bills, is probably pretty astonished at how expensive those costs have become, as consuming electricity in the United States continues to skyrocket around the country. If this affects you, then you have probably already looked into finding ways to reduce this exorbitant overhead, but, obviously, not at the expense of reducing your location’s safety standards. If you have not found a solution yet, it is because you are looking in the wrong places. Dealing with mediocre emergency exit signs that consume far too much electricity in order to function properly, which meant dealing with a crazy utility expense is officially a notion of the past. Currently, options for businesses and building owners now exist to alleviate the burden of paying stupidly high electric bills. Non electric exit signs are now available that offer a markedly improved and more efficient operational capacity than outdated exit signs, with the added benefit of significantly reducing the utility cost of your location. By making the switch to non electric exit signs designed with photoluminescent technology, businesses and building owners can save money right away, and will eliminate any future electric bills that are through the roof.

Photoluminescent technology, which, today, stands as the best source for non electric exit signs, is an eco friendly, green alternative option designed so that the materials and components utilized to develop these means of egress do not need a source of electricity from an outlet or source of electricity. Rather, photoluminescent exit sign technology absorbs ambient light from the surrounding production of energy. These non electric exit signs will then store the energy absorbed from the surrounding light, giving the exit signs the ability to glow in the dark for as many hours as needed should an emergency situations take place. Should an area at your location become dark due to an emergency situation, the non electric signs will provide a bright shine that will be brighter and last longer than the light emitted from other available exit signs, including exit signs connected to an electrical outlet.

Non electric exit signs designed with photoluminescent technology offer so many advantages over all other types of exit signs on the market. Non electric exit signs have been tested by regulation agencies, and have proven to be much more efficient and effective than any other exit sign product offered today, which is endorsed by both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Both organizations understand the value that photoluminescent technology offers, which is why they have mandated that states across the country use photoluminescence for its building’s exit signs.

Replacing your company’s archaic exit signs with non electric exit signs is an ideal from which your location’s occupants and your financial assets can benefit. Begin the transition to photoluminescent exit signs immediately.

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