Who is the NFPA & what do they do?

Big fire on the stair caseFire breakouts are one of the most common, and, unfortunately, one of the most destructive elements faced by building owners around the world. Luckily, organizations have been created to help administer rules, guidelines, and regulations that work toward the reduction, and overall prevention of fire breakouts that can be caused by everyday, nominal items and products found in any given location that many people would not even consider as a potential threat or fire inducing agent. One such organization that helps keep building owners and occupants knowledgeable about possible threats found in facilities and workplaces is the National Fire Protection Association, also known as the NFPA. The NFPA is an international nonprofit organization established at the turn of the 20th century. The mission of the NFPA is to reduce, and, with a little luck, eliminate the worldwide burden of fire and other damaging and life threatening hazards that impact the quality of a worker’s life. This is achieved by administering and advocating consensus fire safety codes and standards and conducting fastidious research, along with the providing of continual training and education. Today, the NFPA has a membership that boasts more than seventy thousand people, from almost one hundred nations. Presently, the NFPA is the planet’s leading advocate of fire prevention, and is viewed as one of the highest authoritative sources concerning public safety.

Many international operations departments that focus on fire prevention and public safety assist the NFPA in working towards developing and increasing global awareness regarding the fire hazard and public safety concerns publicized by the NFPA, along with promoting the mission of the NFPA, and the organization’s expertise in its related fields. This can be achieved by advocating and endorsing the NFPA’s extensively researched and evaluated technical and educational information pertaining to the health and safety subjects with which it is concerned.

Because the NFPA’s primary goal is to minimize the global burden of destructive fires and other hazard threats toward safety and an individual’s life, the organization has grown to become the best and most expert in developing consensus codes and standards for industries and companies to follow. Accompanied by exhaustive research, training, and education on fire and safety hazards, the NFPA is now truly the world’s leading champion and authoritative source concerning both fire prevention and public safety.

Various NFPA recognition of accomplishments that have helped businesses enhance its fire prevention standards and improve safety protocol include the publication and dissemination of over three hundred consensus codes, all of which have influenced the continued minimization of fore breakouts in the workplace, as well as the aftereffects of fire destruction, and other risks consequential to a fire eruption.

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