New Products Design & Development for Inventors

TimetoInventAt Jessup Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on not only developing innovative new products through the in-house design of our engineering team, we promote, protect, and nurture the innovative product design concepts that come from inventors. Jessup has been flourishing since 1956, and we attribute that success to the innovation, research, design, and development of new products we believe will help our customers, especially when it comes from inventors outside of Jessup. Jessup has in place the necessary labor force and engineers to develop new products, which include the assistance of an outstanding engineering and development department, and our customers appreciate our determination to create new products before our competitors beats us to the latest and greatest invention. This concept lends to the reason why we are open minded to any ideas inventors have regarding new product design and development.

If any entrepreneur should need help developing a new product idea, Jessup Manufacturing understands the difficulties and obstacles inventors might run into, including the lack the necessary material and monetary resources to commence development. Jessup wants to assist inventors because, over fifty years ago, our business started with brilliant people who loved to invent and build new products that would help people and industrial companies. Jessup works hard to nourish inventor ideas, because we want to preserve and ensure that our country remains the best industrial nation in the world.

If you are an inventor who has a notion for developing a new product, you can visit the Jessup Manufacturing website and fill out a bit of information on the “Inventors” section of the website. In short, the section quickly tells us who you are, where you are located, and some input explaining the product you want to design and develop. If it happens to be more convenient for you, you can send us a letter at the address provided on the same webpage. The information you provide is confidential and kept on record, and you do not have to concern yourself with the notion that Jessup will replicate your idea and take credit. Those of us at Jessup pride ourselves on integrity, which in the over fifty years of being a successful business, has never come into question. If Jessup believes the inventor’s idea has promise, we will assist, nourish, and provide the necessary resources for the inventor to see how his or her concept may come to fruition.

If you are an inventor who still feels unsure of whether you should share your idea with Jessup, please feel free to make contact with us so we can discuss the matter further. One of our professionals will be happy to explain in more detail how the new product design and development concept works, and why you should feel you can trust Jessup, as all of our clients have since the start of our business in 1956. We want to help you develop your new product design to the best of your ability.

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