Mission ready

Jessup for government, schools, hospitals

As a specialist in adhesive coated films and photoluminescent materials, Jessup supplies a wide range of products to government and institution, both directly and through prime contractors and distributors. Users include:

  • Government agencies
  • Military services
  • Public safety
  • Correctional facilities
  • Colleges and universities
  • K-12 schools
  • Hospitals
  • Long term care
  • Museums
  • Cultural organizations
  • Non-profits

Jessup aligns strongly with government and institutions preferences for safety, sustainability, and accessibility. Our intrinsically safe non-slip and photoluminescent products comply with OSHA, ADA and ASTM regulations.


specified products

Jessup’s Solve + Make™ process kicks in when a government agency or institution needs a specialized product. One example is Safety Track° Military Grade non-slip tapes and treads, which have been tested and approved by NAVSEA for use on the decks of U.S. Navy vessels. Another example is the 100 foot, LED rated Running Man photoluminescent sign for government buildings in Canada.

Jessup products are listed with the General Services Administration for supplying the U.S. federal government and appear in many approved products listings for states, municipalities, fire departments, school districts, and other public organizations.

preferred over paint

A ship builder that is a prime contractor to the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard saved time and money when it substituted peel-and-stick non-slip tapes for deck coatings made of epoxy and sand. The company chose Safety Track® Military Grade Tape, a non-metallic, non-skid, peel-and-stick product made by Jessup and manufactured to the rigorous MIL-PRF-24667C Type XI standard. They chose Jessup initially because it is one of just three suppliers approved by NAVSEA. Once they applied the product to ships, they liked its aggressive adhesive system for anchoring to hot decks, ladders, and bulkheads. The ship builder also liked Safety Track® for its resistance to saltwater corrosion and chemical spills. The tapes also protect against rust.

The big discovery was that application of the tape was far less labor-intensive than the rolled-on epoxy coating and didn’t require 5-7 days to cure and dry. The ship builder found that the lower application costs and resulting improvement in production schedules gave them a competitive advantage for winning the next government contract.

Traction in a nursing home

nursing image
Whenever the staff and residents agree on the value of a nursing home innovation, corporate takes notice. A long term care facility in Tampa, Florida found their wheelchair ramps didn’t have sufficient traction, which made more work for their orderlies and Certified Nursing Assistants and at times unnecessary anxiety for residents. Ramps were used throughout the facility, such as between the residents’ rooms and the dining room, and they were used for loading residents safely into vehicles. It was especially important to have a smooth process when the residents’ families were taking them out for the day.

The head of maintenance for the nursing home applied strips of Safety Track° Commercial Grade Non-Skid tape to the ramps used throughout the building. The surfaces were made of many different types of materials, but the tapes adhered strongly and didn’t peel or shear.

From that point on, residents were assisted more quickly and safely. The staff had fewer strains and injuries resulting from pushing the wheelchairs. Extra traction ended up providing a little easier ride for people with mobility challenges. Even the relatives were better able to handle transferring Mom into their own cars.


Sign of the times

Parents approached their school district in southeastern Missouri when they learned that the exit signs in the elementary schools had to be registered with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The signs used tritium, a radioactive element, to provide illuminance without electricity. Tririum signs emit radioactivity and must be monitored and controlled.

The parents couldn’t understand why the district would change the lunchroom menus and still not address the radioactive signs in the hallways. It was time the times were changing. Through lobbying, they got the district to spend the money on a retrofit of all their school buildings. The Director of Purchasing selected Glo Brite Eco Exit signs for their 100 foot visibility, zero energy requirements, and contemporary design. The NRC just went home.


Top government products

Safety Track® commercial
grade non-skid grit tapes
and treads 3100 series


Safety Track® commercial grade non-skid grit tape has been designed for most general purpose applications. This product was engineered to exceed OSHA and NFSI Standards by providing a durable, consistent non-slip surface. Our use of silicon carbide grit ensures the longevity in both indoor and outdoor applications. By coating our own adhesives, we can assure the most aggressive, durable adhesive system on the market today.

Standard Sizes: Refer to Standard Product Chart
Colors: Black
Custom Sizes: Available upon request

Safety Track® military grade
non-skid grit tapes
and treads 3800 series


Jessup 3810 Black/Gray Safety Track® Military Grade peel and stick has been tested and approved to meet and exceed MIL-PRF-24667C Type XI. The extra-large particles provide additional slip resistance for marine and harsh environments. NAVSEA Approval #05S/2014-162. Jessup 3810 Black/Gray Safety Track® Military Grade is engineered to perform in extreme outdoor environments that require durability and extra traction. It has been successfully tested and used for Military/Marine applications. Other applications include farm implement and heavy construction equipment, scissor lifts and many others.

Standard Sizes: Refer to Standard Product Chart
Colors: Black/Gray
Custom Sizes: Available upon request.

Glo Brite® Eco Exit™
exit signs 50
foot viewing LED rating

  • 50 ft. visibility
  • UL924 Listed for LED

Glo Brite® Eco Exit™
exit signs 100 foot
viewing LED rating

  • 100 ft. visibility
  • UL924 Listed for LED