Marine Anti Slip Tape Is An Essential Safety Item

Jessup3800Peel&StickMarine anti slip tapes offer several advantages on vessels, boarding locations, docks, and other areas. Whether it is rainy, snowy, icy, or simply slick, these handy tapes offer additional traction to prevent falls. They may be placed on several types of surfaces including wood, painted metals, plastic, and fiberglass. If you have ever been on a boat or dock, you already know how easy it is to slip or fall. These types of accidents are dangerous for any individual because they often result in serious injuries. Marine anti slip tapes are an affordable, dependable option in these conditions:

  • General Marine Conditions
  • Wet, Oily, or Slick Surfaces
  • Unnoticed Spills
  • Weather Exposure
  • Chemical Spills
  • Salt Water Exposure

How does marine anti slip tape aid in preventing accidents relating to trips, slips, or falls? These tapes are made of an adhesive backside designed to provide dependable application and a gritty, sandpaper like surface to deliver further traction. The gritty topside provides reliable traction for slick shoes, wet surfaces, or any environment where it is easy to slip or fall. Marine anti slip tapes provide additional benefits such as easy application, dependable adhesion, chemical resistance, and water resistance for indoor or outdoor use. Whether applied to a vessel, boarding area, or dock, marine anti slip tapes deliver enough traction to reduce the chance of injury in any environment.

Selection Tips for Military Vessel & Boating Applications
Marine anti slip tapes are designed to adhere to irregular surfaces, chemical spill prone areas, and in any general environment. The technology used to create these materials ensures that the edges do not curl and the gritty top surface does not deteriorate. Environments where chemical spills occur frequently or the vessel is consistently exposed to salt water require a dependable marine anti slip tape, as a commercial option would quickly become ineffective. These characteristics are essential when looking for the best traction product:

  • Durable, Long Lasting Materials
  • Resistance to Chemicals, Traffic, & Water
  • Abrasive Grains for Utmost Traction
  • Simple Installation Process
  • Able to Conform to Any Surface
  • Not Susceptible to Edge Curling
  • Does Not Weaken in Extreme Conditions
  • Meets NAVSEA Requirements (Military Applications)

Besides the above qualities, it is equally important to make certain the selected marine anti slip tape will be able adhere to the application surfaces (i.e. wood, acrylic fiber glass, painted metal, etc.) The width and length must match the size of the application area for maximum protection. Make certain you are buying the most suitable option for the environment and conditions where the marine anti slip tape will be used.

Marine anti slip tapes are available in black, gray, clear, and colored forms depending on provider. It is important to evaluate not only the product, but also the manufacture to ensure that you are receiving a high quality, dependable solution. Jessup MFG is a manufacturer of marine and military grade anti slip tapes with more than fifty years of experience. We offer pre-made options, films of varying sizes, and customized solutions. If you are seeking traction materials with exceptional performance, our team of experts will help find the most affordable, reliable option.

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