Manufacturing Services: Why is Specialized Help a Good Option?

CustomCoatingIf your business manufacturers any type of product or part, then the costs associated with new equipment, training, or process changes are already apparent. Sometimes a part needs a special coating or a product needs a quality, which is not feasible to manage in your current facilities. In these cases, a professional provider of specialized manufacturing services is quite beneficial because they offer the expertise, equipment, and manpower needed to accomplish this task at a lower cost. If a coating such as plastic or unique characteristic like corrosion protection must part of current processes, then these costs are inevitable:

  • Further Training
  • New Employees
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Additional Inventory
  • Increased Space
  • Process Changes

What if there was an easier, more cost effective way to accomplish the same task? In these situations, professionals specializing in this type of manufacturing service easily prove their worth. With the right professional, it is easy to achieve the desired results and quality at a lower cost without changing anything you do at current facilities.

An Example
A finish needs to be added to each part used to make a product, which requires the following changes to accomplish this goal:

  1. Equipment must be purchased to add the desired characteristic.
  2. Floor space and processes have to be altered.
  3. Employees need to be brought in to manage this production process.
  4. Workers will need to receive additional training.
  5. Inventory for this new process needs to be stored somewhere.

Checks will also have to be performed on each part to make certain the process was completed correctly and to ensure quality. That is a lot of work and extra costs just to add a decorative or protective finish to a part being created by your manufacturing processes.

Keep Costs Low Without Harming Quality
The above example shows how manufacturing services such as custom coating, conversion, or lamination are able to benefit a business. It is essential to select a provider capable of delivering the unique characteristics, methods, and advice you need to make this leap worthwhile. For example, if you desire to add photoluminescence to a part or entire product, it is vital to choose a provider who has experience in this area. Here are a few questions to ask before making a decision:

  • How much experience do they have?
  • Can the manufacturing service work with the materials?
  • What are their quality standards?
  • Do they offer assistance with product development?
  • Are they able to develop custom solutions?
  • What processes do they use for application?

Manufacturing service providers with extensive experience will be better able to offer advice regarding available coatings, qualities, and processes. Additionally, any manufacturing service offering custom solutions will have increased flexibility in meeting requirements. The right choice will ensure you receive the desired end result at the lowest possible cost without jeopardizing quality. At Jessup MFG, we have been providing coating, lamination, and converting services for more than fifty years. We offer customized solutions to ensure you receive quality results at the lowest possible cost. Contact us today to see how we can help you get the best results.

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