Can Luminous Exit Signs be Power Free?

power free exit signsWith what seems like a year by year increase in overhead, as it pertains to running a business, business owners must be extremely frustrated with the costs of business operations, and by the gradual increase of expenditures. This frustration is likely compounded by the fact that throughout most of the last decade, the United States economy has been a monetary rollercoaster ride, with more downs than ups. What this means is the monetary revenue generated by most businesses has been cyclical at best, but overhead continues to go up. Therefore, business owners have resorted to look for any possible ways to reduce business overhead. One way to drastically reduce costs of your business is to switch your exit signs to a power free product. Yes, you read the previous sentence correctly. Luminous exit signs can be power free now that there is a type of energy free technology available called photoluminescence. Photoluminescent technology is an eco friendly, green alternative technology that no longer requires luminous exit signs to be connected or hooked up to an energy source or a direct line of power. Instead, photoluminescent exit signs absorb the energy produced from ambient light, then stores that energy, and uses it when the area or location becomes dark.

The creation and availability of photoluminescent exit signs has made a world of difference for building owners in so many ways. First, power free luminous exit signs are eco friendly, as stated before, which means the materials used to make the exit signs are safe for people to be near, and are environmentally friendly. Second, even though these are green alternative luminous exit signs, they are actually cheaper to purchase and to maintain than traditional luminous exit signs. Third, Power free luminous exit signs will drastically reduce your company’s utility bill because it requires zero energy in order to function. If you factor in these incredible advantages that would immediately come from transitioning to a power free luminous exit sign, there is absolutely no reason to continue to use your older models, as you are throwing money away when you could be saving that money and putting it towards other business needs.

With the invention of power free luminous exit signs, all parties associated with the implementation and monitoring of these products are completely satisfied. Regulatory organizations are happy that an eco friendly, green alternative method of safety signage is in widespread use, and businesses are happy that they are appeasing these regulatory committees that can levy fines on businesses using improper safety signage. In addition, businesses will be thrilled with the following month’s workplace utility bill after installing power free luminous exit signs throughout their building.

GloBrite Systems is a devout supporter of power free luminous exit signs, along with photoluminescent technology. Should you require more information regarding these types of products, a GloBrite professional can certainly help you.

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