Laminating Services – Custom Coating & Converting

Custom coating and converting, along with lamination services are an important part of many different industries. As it pertains to custom coating and converting services, this process aids in the ability fro any company to add anti-slip, non-stick, photoluminescent, or several other characteristics to any kind of surface. This process makes it possible to take any product, no matter what the material is made out of, and give it a custom coating that will enhance the surface of the material with beneficial properties.

Listed below are a few of the benefits industries will receive from having a custom coating applied to a surface:

  • A hard floor or surface that is normally slippery, such as a hard wood floor (think basketball court), can be made to become a ‘non-skid’ surface—making the surface safer and less slippery, especially if a lot of condensation or water accumulates on the surface.
  • A photoluminescent coating can help provide light in a normally dark room, or if the lights go out. In the event that you are inside or trapped in a room where the lights shut off for whatever reason, an egress marker with a photoluminescent coating could literally save the day. The coating will provide a brightness that will surely help you find your way out of the room and toward safety.
  • A surface that accumulates sticky substances will operate remarkably better if a non-stick coating is applied. For example, a lot of cookware will add a substance called Teflon to make the surface of pots and pans non-sticky.
  • Surfaces that must be durable enough to handle chemicals that can harm or erode the surface would benefit from having a custom coating applied. The genius here is that you can still use whatever equipment you want to make whatever material you need, all you have to do is get the material custom coated once you have built the material so it can withstand chemical exposure.
  • Corrosion becomes less of a concern if you have applied a custom coating. Extend the life of your product if it is constantly exposed to corrosive substances.

Call Jessup Manufacturing if you are in need of laminating and / or custom coating and converting services. Jessup has been in the industry for over fifty years, which means you can bet they know exactly what they are doing, and they will perform their services right the first time.

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