Finishing Companies Improve Products with Laminating & Coating Services

industrial coatingFinishing companies are important because these businesses provide the final touches on making an industrial part, metal, component, and/or material exactly how it has to be in order to become fully operational. In order to make an industrial piece a perfect cog for its intended use, finishing companies will add lamination or coating to the product. Laminating and coating services can improve an industrial product in several ways:

  • Coating and laminating can strengthen a product by adding girth, weight, rigidity, and a protective surface that can withstand harsh force.
  • If a product needs flexibility in order to achieve its intent, coating and laminating can provide certain flexibility to an otherwise inflexible part.
  • Due to the protective elements that come from adding laminating and coating services to an industrial part, the longevity of the part being used is significantly increased.
  • If the part you are about to use needs an aesthetic enhancement, because it will be seen by many people or you simply wish it to be nicer for your own personal reasons, coating and laminating services can make a product look much better than what it was originally.

As you can plainly see, laminating and coating services play a vital part to the overall creative aspects of a product, whether it is for industrial purposes, or a product as simple as, though quite fragile, woven fabric. It is important though that the reader keeps in mind that not all coating and laminating services are the same. Several different methods of coating and laminating are available, depending on the finishing company you choose to employ. It really boils down to the type of product you have that needs coating or laminating, and how much customization and specialization will be needed to successfully perform the service. Just like no coating and laminating service is the same, no two finishing companies are the same either. Some finishing companies pass off generic and ‘one size fits all’ coating and laminating services to its customers, promising that their service can fit any need you have. If you ever come across a finishing company that a single lamination process can be used for any type of fabric you have, and no customization is needed, you need to run the other way as fast as you can.

Instead of dealing with poorly operated and managed finishing companies, go with a reputable provider of coating and laminating services that promises to customize and specialize its operations so that it can be tailored to handle your specific coating and lamination needs. Jessup Manufacturing is the company that can provide this for you, so look no further than right here. Take full advantage of over a half a century of converting experience. With our team of engineers, project managers, state of the art coating equipment and modern lab facilities, we can offer solutions to your specific projects and manage the development of product from lab to production; a virtual extension of your manufacturing process.


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