Fabric Laminating Services for Product Durability

Fabric Laminating Services for Product Durability

Custom Laminating Services from JessupA brief definition of what fabric laminating services entails is the process of creating a permanent bond between two or more substrates of similar or different materials for the betterment of product durability. The result of utilizing fabric lamination is a combination of the best features of each fabric to create a reinforced, more durable product that is now puncture resistant and has added stiffness.

Fabric laminating services have lately become a more frequently used method of protecting fabrics by enhancing the durability of the product. Fabric materials can easily become, disheveled, worn, stained, faded, and torn – all from simply being mishandled. The fact that almost all types of fabrics are quite expensive, and often very difficult to replace or replicate, it is understandable that more businesses are turning to fabric laminating services as a means to improve the durability of the product. Fabric laminating can make the material of the fabric become water resistant, enhance durability, as well as produce a glossier finish for aesthetic vibrancy. Although some people and companies try to laminate fabrics in-house, usually because it is assumed that fabric laminating services are expensive, Jessup Manufacturing experts strongly encourage people and businesses to use professional servicing for fabric lamination. The process of fabric lamination is quite cumbersome, and a flaw in your process could prove fatal to the fabric, consequently leading to its destruction.

Engineers that understand and are considered expert in the purveying of fabric laminating services will be able to fuse several types of natural and synthetic fabrics. Professionals in the industry, such as Jessup Manufacturing, serve a variety of manufacturers who require or desire fabric lamination services, all of which have a common goal to achieve – optimal product durability. Jessup can provide this inexpensive, yet rewarding service, and guarantees to laminate your fabrics to perfection, every time.

To learn more about how Jessup Manufacturing utilizes fabric laminating services for product durability, contact a Jessup representative for more information on their laminating services. A Jessup professional will be happy to discuss with you the type of custom bonding and lamination requirements your business needs. Jessup Manufacturing prides itself on developing myriad beneficial services that provide a variety of customizable laminating options. Jessup has been involved in the providing of industrial solutions to businesses for almost sixty years, which demonstrates why their professionals have the knowledge and skill to accomplish any kind of customized fabric lamination service, no matter what the need. Jessup would be happy to provide samples of their fabric laminating services for you and your company to evaluate, so you can see first hand how their one of a kind fabric lamination solutions increase the durability of the product being laminated.

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