Zero Energy Products for Industrial Safety

Although it was relied on for many years, the problem with older model egress markers was that they needed a viable energy source in order to function. This caused a severe issue, as when people are ordered to evacuate a facility, many times the power has gone out due to whatever catastrophe or event took place in or near the building. Even with auxiliary power, this could not be counted on to keep emergency exit signs lit up, which would consequently lead to pandemonium as people try to fell the scene. When it was time to revolutionize emergency egress signage, the main focus was to develop a product that did not need a constant energy supply in order to function. Lucky for building owners and businesses that operate in large buildings, the makers of photoluminescent technology struck gold.

Photoluminescent makers do not need an energy source to operate. Rather, the products store energy from ambient light sources, which it can manipulate as its own unplugged energy supply that keeps the egress marker bright for many hours. Photoluminescent products have been tried and tested, with a near flawless grade. In fact, it is so reliable as a zero energy product that works that many regulatory organizations are making the product’s use mandatory in buildings. How is that for a vote of confidence? This outcome should be music to the ears of building owners and industrial companies, as zero energy products with a perfect grade means having an emergency sign that costs very little in terms of maintenance, upkeep, and energy bills.

If you desire more information concerning zero energy products as it relates to industrial safety, Jessup Manufacturing will be happy to assist. Jessup has been helping building owners and industrial businesses with installing safety products for decades. Jessup has all the information you could possibly need to make a decision on whether to implement zero energy products in your building area—which should be an obvious decision. Yes!

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