What is Laminating?

Laminating processLaminating is the process, or technique of taking a material, or materials, and manufacturing it in order to add multiple layers so that the composite (originally used) materials can achieve improved strength and stability, as well as insulation and appearance, or other properties from the use of different materials. A perfect and permanent lamination assemblage can be accomplished through the use of heat or thermal discharge, significant pressure, welding, and strong adhesives.

Regarding the lamination process, there are different methods that were previously touched on that can be used, depending on the materials that need to be laminated. It is important to consult with a reputable company, such as Jessup Manufacturing, if you want to laminate a particular material or object, but you are unsure of the correct process. The most common laminated objects are paper products – especially for photos, but a myriad number of objects can be laminated, including, glass (windshields) and fiberglass, wood (wooden beams from timber) and plywood, as well as several other materials.

The most popular reason to laminate an object is to add properties to the surface of a material. For example, when laminating printed paper, people are now able to add a magnet to the surface, so they can hang the object on a magnetized object, like a refrigerator. This is definitely one of the more popular reasons to laminate paper materials, as one would probably be hard pressed to find a household anywhere in the United States that does not have something hanging from the refrigerator.

For more information about laminating objects and materials, or what type of lamination process should be used for your specific materials, consult with Jessup Manufacturing today. Jessup specialized in laminating materials, and has been in the industry for decades. Their professionals can assist you with the process, along with any customizing that might need to take place, depending on the material needing to be laminated. Jessup is ready to help you with the lamination of your materials.

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