What are the Main Types of Industrial Coatings Available?

Industrial Process on the Metal Gears.Industrial coating involves the application of an enhancing solution at the time when products are being manufactured. Industrial coating adds an element to industrial parts, components, metals, and materials that can make the product stronger, more durable, more protected, more rigid or flexible (depending on the need at the time), have a longer life cycle, as well as add an enhanced aesthetic. Just last year, nearly five hundred million gallons of industrial coatings were sold to customer involved in the manufacturing industry, at a value of nearly seven billion dollars. Those figures indicate that every industrial organization needs and benefits from industrial coating services.

The largest segment of industrial coating supplementation comes from the paint industry, making up roughly half of the total industrial coatings produced annually in the United States. The paint industry ships more than six hundred and fifty million gallons of architectural coatings, with a value of nearly nine billion dollars. These types of industrial coating products are used to add layers of protection, beautify, and maintain the surfaces of homes, public buildings, offices, factories, and other types of structures.

Special purpose coating includes an array of divergent industrial coating services. The unifying characteristic involving special purpose coating is this industrial coating is usually “field-applied,” as opposed to application in a factory setting. Special purpose coating can be divided into segments: Automotive refinish coatings, which are the largest of the segments, with a value of over two billion dollars. Industrial maintenance coatings represent the second largest segment, with a value of over eight hundred million dollars. The third largest segment, Marine Paints, includes both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and refinish applications, and has a value of over four hundred million dollars. The final segment involves traffic marking paint, used on roadways, parking lots, and airport surfaces, and has a value of well over three hundred million dollars.

Main types of industrial coatings available: ceramic epoxy coatings, corrosion resistant coatings, fastener coatings, fluoropolymer coatings, galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing, inorganic zinc coatings, phenolic coatings, phosphate coatings, plastic dip coatings, thermal spray coatings, Xylan coatings, and many others.

The previous serves as an introduction to the most popular types of industrial coating services. To receive more in depth information regarding the following industrial coating services, reach out to Jessup Manufacturing, and a representative will be able to assist you, and provide information related to industrial coatings. Jessup offers the following coating types: acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, rubber pressure sensitive adhesive, low temperature heat/solvent reactivated, high temperature heat/solvent reactivated, barrier coatings, primers, printable topcoats, polyurethane, plastisol, latex and custom saturation coatings. Our custom coating specialists will be glad to review your  particular needs and recommend the best coating service available.


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