What are the Benefits of Non Electric Exit Signs?

GloBriteExitBuilding owners and office managers responsible for paying a structure’s utility costs, or a leasing company’s part of the a building’s utility cost are always looking for ways to reduce overhead and save money, but not at the cost of reducing safety standards. For quite a while, that reluctantly meant dealing with mediocre exit signs that absorbed a ton of electricity to facilitate functionality, which meant garnering an exorbitant utility expense when it came time to pay the building’s utility bills. At present, the predicament is quite different, as options are now available to change this burden. There now exists non electric exit signs that not only function better and more efficiently than older model exit signs, but will significantly reduce the utility cost of a building. By transitioning to non electric exit signs, especially those infused with photoluminescent technology, building owners and companies leasing space in the building can begin saving money immediately, and in the future.

Photoluminescent technology, which can be described as one of the best sources of obtaining non electric exit signs, is an eco friendly, green alternative resource of exit signs designed in a manner where the materials and components used to create these signs do not require a direct source of electricity provided by an outlet or other type of electric source. Instead, exit signs equipped with photoluminescent technology absorb ambient energy from the surrounding production of light. Photoluminescent exit signs will store the absorbed energy, and when it is time to glow in the dark for several hours when an area becomes enshrouded in darkness, these non electric signs will shine brighter and longer than any other exit sign product available – even those connected to an electrical outlet. In addition, these non electric exit signs have been thoroughly tested, and have proven to last longer, provide more durability, require less maintenance, and offer a longer life cycle than any other exit sign product on the market.

Non electric exit signs infused with photoluminescent technology, as it pertains to pros and cons, provide every advantage known over any traditional exit sign products available, especially electric exit signs. Even federal regulatory committees, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) understand the value photoluminescent technology provides, and that is why these agencies are mandating that more states make the use of photoluminescence law.

If replacing your out of date exit signs with non electric exit signs sounds like a decision from which your building, your occupants, and your bank account can benefit, then commence your search for photoluminescent exit signs, and other emergency and safety signage products through Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup has been proclaiming the benefits of using photoluminescent exit signs since the technology’s inception and availability. The professionals at Jessup can help you make the transition to the best non electric exit signs today.

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