What are Industrial Coating Services?

What are Industrial Coating Services?

industrial coatingsIn case you are unfamiliar with the application and process involved with industrial coating services, the following will provide a basic, or general understanding of industrial coating, and perhaps how the service can benefit your industrial company. The industrial coating service involves a paint or coating that is usually defined by the methods in which it protects the industrial part, metal, material, component, or product, rather than its aesthetic properties, although industrial coating services do provide both, but the protective feature is the more integral aspect of the service. The most common use of industrial coating services is for the corrosion control of buildings and structures made of metals and steel that can be exposed and susceptible to corrosion, such as skyscrapers, bridges, most types of buildings, offshore platforms, mechanical devices and machines, and underground pipelines. Other functions involved with industrial coating services include protective coatings for fire resistance.

Pertaining to the chemical makeup of industrial coating compounds, the most common polymers used in industrial coatings are polyurethane, epoxy, and moisture cure urethane. Another very common polymer used in industrial coating involves a fluoro-polymer. There are several other types of chemical components used for industrial coatings including inorganic zinc, phosphates, as well as Xylan and Physical Vapor Deposition, or PVD, coatings. Though the above mentioned chemical compounds are generally what make up industrial coatings, industrial coatings are most often found to be a conglomerate of composites from various substances.

A typical industrial coating system will most likely include a primer, an intermediate coat, and a top coat. The polymer film will act as a physical barrier between the component and the corrosive environment to which the substrate is exposed, which can include pressure and/or conditions derived from atmospheric changes, water and liquids, and particles from soil.

As you can see, a lot of technical and chemical jargon is used to describe the essential functions and makeup of industrial coatings. You may find it much simpler to consult with a professional from Jessup Manufacturing, who can listen to a member from your  business explain the type of industrial components and products it has in its possession. That way, the Jessup professional can evaluate and more accurately conclude the type of industrial coating needs from which your business could mostly benefit, therefore you will be receiving the best industrial coating solutions that precisely fits your industrial parts, and your industrial operations. In addition, Jessup Manufacturing offers the products needed to implement industrial coating services, which means Jessup can be your one stop shop for incorporating effective industrial coating services.

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