Types of Industrial Coating Services

Industrial Process on the Metal Gears.The following information will provide examples of the three most prevalent coating services, so the reader can get an idea of the most important types of coating services available to companies, as well as to the single home user.

Industrial Coatings

Coating applied at the time when products are being manufactured is known as industrial coating. Industrial coating adds an element to parts metals, and materials that can make the product stronger, more durable, more rigid or flexible (depending on the need at the time), last longer, as well as add an enhanced aesthetic. Just last year, nearly five hundred million gallons of industrial coatings were sold to customer involved in industrial business, at a value of nearly seven billion dollars. Those figures explain two very important elements: first, almost every industrial organization needs some type of industrial coating service; and second, the providing of industrial coating services can be quite lucrative to the business that knows how to offer customized industrial coating services.

Architectural Coatings

The largest segment of the paint industry produces architectural coatings — including consumer paints — which make up approximately half of the total coatings produced annually in the United States. In the first part of this decade, the paint industry shipped more than six hundred and fifty million gallons of architectural coatings, with a value of nearly nine billion dollars. These types of industrial coating products are used to add layers or protection, beautify, and maintain the surfaces of homes, public buildings, offices, and factories, and other types of architectural erections. It has been estimated that about roughly half are applied by “do-it-yourself” consumers who recognize that paint is the most versatile, least costly, and easiest to use of all home decorating products.

Special Purpose Coatings

This industry segment includes a wide array of divergent coating services. The one unifying characteristic involving special purpose coatings is that these types of coatings are industrial coatings that tend to be “field-applied,” as opposed to being applied in a factory setting. Special purpose coatings represent the smallest of the three major classifications of coatings. This segment can be divided into the following major sub-segments: Automotive refinish coatings, which are the largest sub-segment, with a value of over two billion dollars. Industrial maintenance coatings are the second largest sub-segment, with a value of over eight hundred million dollars. The third – Marine paints – including both OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and refinish applications, has a value of over four hundred million dollars. Last is traffic marking paint, which is used on roadways, parking lots, and airport surfaces, and has a value of three hundred and sixty five million dollars.

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