The Benefits of Maintenance Free Exit Signs

wirelessexitsignsToo often changes in technology translate to increased business expenses, but when it comes to green technology being applied to your building emergency system, saving money it not the only benefit. For companies still operating battery or electric model exit signs, the following slogan has become a cry of relief and happiness for those who have benefitted from installing photoluminescent (glow in the dark) exit signs: Maintenance free! Businesses and building owners still using older model exit signs have a slogan that says: Maintenance full time! The fact of the matter is that exit signs that require a direct source of power, such as an electrical current stemming from a power outlet, are known to require full time maintenance because of the drastically high failure rate that comes from having these types of exit signs installed throughout your building. When an electrical current is being supplied to a fleet of exit signs, several incidents can occur, such as a power surge, that can complete disrupt, or even break your exit sign(s). Due to the frequent occurrence of this described problem, maintenance is constantly required to make sure all the exit signs in a given location are operating correctly, because those responsible for the exit signs can be held liable should an incident occur that requires evacuation, and one or multiple exit signs are not working.

Today, businesses and building owners need not worry themselves about terrible lawsuits that can be brought on from failure to maintain your exit signs simply by transitioning to photoluminescent, also known as glow in the dark, exit signs. Photoluminescent exit signs do not require a dedicated source of electrical current. Rather, photoluminescent technology permits the glow in the dark exit sign to absorb and store ambient light, then turn it into its own required source of energy, which gives the photoluminescent exit sign its glow in the dark property. Photoluminescent exit signs have tested so well that, over its entire lifespan, which could be as long as twenty five to thirty years, the exit signs will require little to no maintenance whatsoever. This is a far cry from regular exit signs, many of which require maintenance every few months. With maintenance free exit signs, that frees up the person, or people, responsible for maintaining the exit signs to work on other projects, or it stops your business from wasting money on a maintenance technician having to come out to check on the functionality of the exit signs every couple of months.

If you are feeling daunted about having to transition to maintenance free exit signs with glow in the dark technology, know that, once installed, these photoluminescent exit signs will immediately start saving you money. How so? Think about it – once you switch your older model exit signs with glow in the dark exit signs, your exit signs are no longer using batteries or a direct electrical current. Instead, these maintenance free exit signs are using the surrounding light source(s). This means that your location’s utility bill will begin decreasing dramatically, as you probably already know too well how expensive electricity is.

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