Specialty Coating & Laminating

If you are unsure about the importance of specialty coating and laminating as it pertains to metals and working materials, simply ask any person who works in an industrial field. Most people are under the impression that once the right part or materials are ordered, then it is all that is needed to put together whatever it is that needs the parts to become whole. However, there could be rust, dirt, grime, stains, oil, grease, or other types of contaminates on the metals and materials that will prevent the part from being a fully functional component, rendering the material useless. Once the material is clean, now it will likely need a specialty coating or laminating in order to strengthen the material so it can perform as needed. Usually, a laminate is used to boost the aesthetic or look of the material.

The normal way coating works is that a metal or material has been purchased and cleaned for a specific use, such as a support structure for a central piece. However, as is, the material is not strong enough to withstand the weight of the central piece, and sometime in the future could break or bust, causing the entire unit to become ineffective. By supplying a specialty coating, the material is provided and extra layer or layers surrounding the core, making the material stronger than it was, more durable, and ready to withstand pressure and weight.

Laminating can also do this – adding layers to a material to make it stronger – but laminating is usually reserved for brightening or making a material more visible. For signs, as an example, adding a layer of laminate can provide a gloss to the material, making it easier to read, stand out more prominently, or provide a brighter glow. This is especially important if the sign is being used as an egress marker, and people need to see it in order to evacuate a scene as safely as possible.

For more information on specialty coating and laminating, contact Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup has been providing products and information for industrial organization for decades, and is ready to assist you with the proper choosing of specialty coating and laminating for your specific products.

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