Slip Solutions for Building Safety

Building safety is pivotal to successful building operations. Even though there are countless rules, regulations, and restrictions concerning how to implement government mandated building safety guidelines, it is still up to the building owners to put into practice what is considered law. One of the first safety measures that should be put into effect, but is often lost in the shuffle, even though it is the most common accident, is installing slip solutions to prevent accidental falls. Accidental slip and falls are the most common accidents in a building, and account for the most lawsuits in the United States. Why? Well, for one, it is the easiest accidents of which to become a victim.

This is why companies need to get on the ball and incorporate slip solutions, if they have not already. Non-slip tape provides traction on the ground of a building, preventing slippery substances such as a build up of condensation, water and other liquids, as well as floor wax and buffering. Placing slip solutions throughout the building will improve building safety, and significantly reduce the likelihood of accidental falls and potentially devastating lawsuits from irate victims looking to be compensated.

If you are a building owner in need of assistance trying to find the best and most affordable slip solutions for your area, Jessup Manufacturing can help. Jessup has several decades logged in the field of providing product solutions that enhance products and safety measures. Jessup can provide you detailed information regarding the best non-slip materials you should use, depending on the area and type of floor in your building. Jessup will also help you purchase the materials, in the event that we do not have the products readily available.

Statistics show that several lawsuits are brought to court each day related to accidents in the workplace, slipping and falling the most common of those accidents. You should equip yourself with a means to prevent such potentially devastating occurrences, and acquiring slip solutions is one such method to increase building safety. Cell Jessup Manufacturing today for assistance.

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