Slip Resistant Tapes for Bathroom Safety

SafetyTape2As it pertains to large office buildings, one of the least likely places most people think injuries occur is in the bathroom. Building owners are usually concerned with the lobby area and, especially in larger buildings, the stairwell. The bathroom is usually an afterthought, as most believe not much bad can happen unless you count running out of toilet paper in the stall. Believe it or not, the bathroom is one of the most frequent places accidents happen, especially as it relates to slip and falls. If you consider the evidence, the bathroom area is where water will find its way to the floor the most frequently, and there is nothing to soak it up, as bathroom floors are usually made of tile. (When was the last time you saw carpet in an office bathroom?) Water, of course, can be quite slippery when accumulating on certain types of flooring, especially on tile flooring.

Now that you have been educated on the potential accidents that can happen in a bathroom, it is time to consider options for bathroom safety. Because the main culprit of slips and falls in the bathroom revolves around water, a solid idea would be to look at installing slip resistant tape to improve bathroom safety. Slip resistant tape is effective and will mitigate wet floors due to the traction it produces with the materials from which the tape is made. The rough surface of the slip resistant tape, which is similar to the griptape found on skateboard decks used to help skaters keep their footing, creates traction on the ground, even when there is water on the ground, and even when a more slippery substance found its way on the floor, such as soap and oil. Any type of liquid, substance, and condensation can be neutralized through the use of slip resistant tapes.

If you feel you should improve the bathroom safety in your building, and slip resistant tape sound like a brilliant idea, the next step you should take is to contact Jessup Manufacturing to learn more about the product, and to purchase it if you are ready to move forward with its implementation. Jessup Manufacturing provides slip resistant tapes such as the one described in this blog, and has been providing safety measures for all types of areas and locations, including bathrooms. Jessup takes bathroom safety seriously, as do other building owners who have failed to incorporate safety measures in bathrooms and have been served with lawsuits from people who have had accidental slips and falls in a bathroom and deemed the building owner liable.

As silly as it might sound, slips and falls are the most frequently occurring accidents that happen in buildings, and such accidents happen in the bathroom, as well as other places in a building. Building owners have had to deal with lawsuits resulting from these kinds of accidents, and have sometimes had to pay large fees because they did not have the proper safety measures in places. Do yourself a favor and install slip resistant tapes in your building’s bathroom to improve its safety, and prevent any lawsuit from occurring against you.

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