Slip Resistant Solutions for Flooring

JessupFloorSafetyOne of the more common lawsuits that are brought against business owners and building owners involves suing for improper indication of a wet or slippery floor. A floor could be slippery due to a cleaning company mopping or buffing the floor, or because of an accumulation of water due to rainy weather, or perhaps even condensation because of humid weather pervading from outside mixing with air conditioning. The point is there are many reasons why a floor can be wet, even when it does not seem like it might be, you never know. This is why it is important for building owners to incorporate slip resistant solutions for flooring. Precautions must be taken to ensure no one slips and falls on your floor, at any time, for whatever reason, no matter what is occurring at the time. Luckily, building owners can rest easy knowing there are solid options regarding slip resistant solutions for flooring.

Probably one of the best slip resistant solutions for flooring is grip tape. Made famous by skateboarding, because it is the grip material used on the sake board deck, grip tape provides excellent friction and traction when walking across a floor, especially if that floor accumulates a lot of water, condensation, or other liquids. Grip tape will keep your feet in place when standing, and prevent you from losing your footing when walking, running, or moving fast across an area. Grip tape has statistically proven to significantly reduce the amount of slip and falls in a given location, building, and workplace. This means that, as a building owner, the need to worry about the safety of people using your facilities is significantly diminished as long as you have implemented slip resistant solutions, such as grip tape, for flooring.

If you desire more information concerning slip resistant solutions for flooring, consult with the professionals at Jessup Manufacturing today. Jessup has been helping people with finding slip resistant solutions for flooring for decades. If you building is currently insufficient as it pertains to slip resistant solutions for flooring, Jessup can certainly help you rectify that serious problem before someone hurts himself or herself slipping and falling on your floor.

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