Self Wound Laminate

As it pertains to self wound laminates, the following information will describe the benefits of its use, and why you might need to start using this type of laminating product sooner than later.


Simple Converting Process – self wound laminates are designed to convert as easy as traditional laminates, able to wrap around products with ease.

Perfect Clarity and Gloss – Self wound laminates are specially designed for promoting materials that are sold on the market. Therefore, extra special attention as applied to its ability to offer excellent clarity and gloss for labels and titles, making a product look flashy.

Perfect ‘wet-out’ on all Types of Prints – self wound laminates prevent bleeding and blotting on all types of inks and prints, ensuring there is no smearing when being applied to a print.

Food and Drug Administration Approved Adhesives for Food Applications – Almost every self wound laminate is made with ecofriendly materials, because this type of laminate is frequently used as labels for food packaging. Therefore, it is important to make sure all of the substances used on the self wound laminate are safe for both the food and those who come onto contact with the material.

Excellent Shelter for the Printed Label – The self wound laminate acts as a protective shield for the printed label, protecting it from wear and tear, condensations, and weather.

Cost Effective, Especially When Compared to ‘Backing Laminates’ – laminates of the self wound variety are less expensive to create versus competitive products, making it much cheaper for companies to implement its use, effectively reducing overhead.

Less Waste and Environmentally Friendly ­– As mentioned previously, self wound laminates offer a green alternative to other laminating materials, meaning it is safe to use on all products, and safe to the touch, as well as to the environment.

Can be Used as a Functional Top Layer on Book Labels – Self wound Laminates are so functional, aesthetically pleasing, and durable that many publications are using them as book labels, because it is more economical versus other methods.

If you require more information for self wound laminates, speak to a representative from Jessup Manufacturing. Many people are still not familiar with this type of laminate, but could probably benefit from its use. Assistance and guidance from a professional at Jessup will help you on your way to incorporating the huge advantages to the use of this kind of laminate.

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