Self Illuminating Tapes for Building Safety

PhotoluminescentTapeGrip tapes and other types of safety tapes are an excellent way to insulate a building with the best safety products available on the market today. Tapes are used for traction, grip, egress markers, and other reasons that significantly reduce problems during an evacuation or in an area where safety precautions are needed. However, during a power outage, these types of tapes will not do a person any good if the materials cannot be seen or located. Luckily, there exists self illuminating tapes to promote building safety.

During a catastrophic event or natural disaster, there is a chance that the power in your building could be knocked out. It is likely that your emergency exit signs are designed to either run on alternate power or can glow in the dark on their own because of new technology developments (if the answer is no to both, you have another huge problem on your hands). However, as it pertains to any tape materials you have throughout your building, you might not have the type that self illuminates. If you do not have self illuminating tape, then the kind of tape you have is rendered useless if the power is knocked out of your building, because your sight will be severely limited. Self illuminating tape guarantees that, no matter what happens during whatever scenario is causing an evacuation, the tape you have installed throughout your building will be effective.

Jessup Manufacturing is a leading company in the industry of incorporating safety precautions in your building. The Jessup professionals can help you install self illuminating tapes in your building that will enhance building safety. Jessup is a trusted source for receiving the best building safety products available that offer the best safety measures infused with the latest and greatest technology. A representative is ready to assist you with the improving of your building through the implementation of self illuminating tapes.

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