Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

JessupTapeFor those who might be unfamiliar with the term, ‘pressure sensitive adhesives’ are a kind of adhesive that forms a bond when pressure is applied to combine the pressure sensitive adhesive to which it is adhered. Though pressure must be placed for the adhesive to become married to the item to which it is being applied, no water, heat, or type of solvent is needed to activate the adhesive. As probably concluded, the more pressure that is placed on the adhesive, the stronger the bonding agent becomes. Surface factors could either inhibit or improve the stickiness to the adjoining part, depending on whether the surface is smooth, rough, or bumpy. Examples of pressure sensitive adhesives include certain tapes, labels, and note pads.

The following will describe other important factors when using pressure sensitive adhesives.

  • Bonding is markedly improved if the bonding is done at room temperature, and is maintained at room temperature. If joining at a high temperature, be sure to consult a professional, such as those at Jessup Manufacturing to make sure you purchase and use a pressure sensitive tape that can withstand high temperatures.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives are designed with a balance between flow and resistance to flow, meaning the bond formation is dependent on the softness or strength of the item to which the adhesive is attached.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives are characterized by its ‘shear’ holding ability, meaning that the adhesive is measured by its ability to hold a resistive force acting against the adhesive. The ability to hold in this kind of ‘shear’ mode is affected and manipulated by temperature, the thickness of the adhesive’s coating, the formulation of the adhesive to the surface of the item to which it is adhered, along with other factors.

If you are new to pressure sensitive adhesives, and need it for business reasons for functionality purposes, you should consult with the professionals at Jessup Manufacturing. A Jessup representative can inform you of the necessary components to acquiring this type of adhesive, and can instruct you on how to best implement the adhesive specific to your needs.

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