No Slip Tapes for Safety

JessupSafetyTape2According to conducted research, accidental slips and falls are the most common form of accident that takes place in an office building. Accidental slips and falls are also one of the most common admittances into emergency rooms and hospitals. You might be questioning how someone could seriously injure himself from tripping and falling to the point where he or she must be admitted to the hospital, but do not underestimate the fragility of the human body, especially as it pertains to awkward accidents.

Because slips and falls are quite common, more building owners and office managers are incorporating no slip tapes for safety precautions, because the product has proven to significantly reduce the number of accidental falls that occur annually. No slip tapes are made of materials that promote friction and traction when walking, which eliminates the chances of slipping on surfaces that are wet, have been buffed or waxed, or have some sort of slippery substance. No slip tapes are especially important during an evacuation scenario, when floods of people are rushing to exit a building in a massive panic. Evacuations are a type of scenario where clumsiness and haste can lead to serious falling accidents. No slip tapes have, over numerous times, proven to reduce the amount of accidents during an evacuation.

If you are a building owner or office manager, and your place of business is located in a large building or office space where a lot of people congregate during a work week, you might want to invest in no slip tapes for safety precaution measures, if you have not already. If you need more information about no slip tapes, you should contact Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup has been helping people implement safety measures in a given location for decades. Their professionals will be able to assist you with an introduction to no slip tapes, and any other safety measures you might need.

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