Need Help Developing a new Product?

ProductDevelopmentAt Jessup Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on not only delivering efficient, top quality products to our customers, but also providing new products through constant innovation. The Jessup company has been going strong since 1956, and we attribute much of that success through the innovation, research, and design of new products we believe will benefit our customers to the fullest. We have the necessary labor force and engineers to consistently develop new products for our clients, with the help of solid research and development department, and we know our clients appreciate the chances we take with creating new products before any other competitor comes up with a similar, yet substandard product.

Need help developing a new product? Jessup Manufacturing understands that innovation and entrepreneurship is growing in the United States, though sometimes innovators might lack the necessary resources to develop their product. This is why Jessup wishes to take part in a developmental help program – to lend a hand and assist those of you who want to build new products that help people and industry. Jessup wants to aid innovators, because once upon a time, over fifty years ago, our company began with brilliant people who loved to innovate and build new products that would help people and industrial businesses. Innovation is what keeps our great country running with the utmost success, and Jessup wants to shelter and nourish this notion, because we want to preserve and ensure that the United States always remains the number one industrial country the world will ever have.

If you happen to have an idea for developing a new product, you can visit the Jessup Manufacturing website and fill out a brief information section on the “Inventors” section of the website telling us who you are, where you are located, and some input explaining the product you wish to design and create. You can also send us a letter, if this option is more suitable for you, at the address provided on this website page. You do not have to ever worry about Jessup replicating your idea, as that is not what we are about. In the over fifty years we have been a flourishing business, we have never been accused of thieving ideas or taking sole credit for innovation in which someone else was the original purveyor. We want to assist, nourish, and provide the needed resources for you to see your idea come to fruition.

Contact Jessup if you feel as though you should discuss our “Inventors” section of the website. One of our professionals will be happy to further explain how this process works, and ensure that you can trust Jessup, as all of our clients have been able to do since the beginning of our company, back in 1956. We want to help you develop your new product to the best of your ability.

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