Marking Egress Stairs for Safe Evacuation

GloBriteEgress2Probably the most disconcerting scenario imagined by building owners, and rightfully so, is the idea of a mass of people trying to evacuate a building during an emergency and having to travel down several flights of stairs. When individuals are moving in a panic through a mass of people, they tend to be hasty, clumsy, and selfishly pushing and moving through the crowd. When you add the traveling down of several flights of stairs to the already complicated scenario of evacuation, what you have is a recipe for disaster. All it takes is for one person to slip, trip, and fall, and it can cause a disastrous ripple effect that causes others to have the same kind of accident. If that accident happens in a stairwell, the odds of a serious injury and abating of the evacuation process drastically increase.

The scenarios describe previously are all the reasons why marking egress stairs for safe evacuation should be a considerable priority. Too much can go wrong while evacuating down several flights of stairs that could cause people to become trapped, and consequently put their lives in dire risk. Marking egress stairs for safe evacuation with the best technology and the most proven safety signage products is the best method to combat problems that could arise from a mass exodus down a stairwell. Products that can help with marking egress stirs for safe evacuation include grip tape to help with footing traction and rail handles, as well as glow in the dark or bright egress markings.

For more information regarding marking egress stairs for safe evacuation, contact Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup can provide you all the necessary information regarding grip tape and bright signage, along with many other methods of safety products to ensure the safety and protection for those who might have to immediately evacuate your premises by traveling several flights of stairs. Jessup has been in the business of helping building owners with safety measures for decades, and their professionals will be able to assist you.

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