Looking for an Electronics Coating Technology Expert?

waterproof electronicsElectronics coating technology involves the discovering and application of solutions to technical applications, environmental concerns, along with the safety, delivery, quality, and cost challenges as it pertains to working with chemical processes in the electronics industry. A provider of electronics coating should be able to supply the materials, offer application services, and display a proven record of accomplishment of successful applications with clients, along with customer retention. There are several different ways an electronics coating technology expert can assist you with coating applications. The following will provide some examples of electronics coating applied to certain industries:

Coating and encapsulation of circuit boards derived from print and automotive electronics for first and second tier suppliers of automotive original equipment manufacturers. Conformal coating, along with the encapsulation of printed circuit boards are used in the designing of transmitters, several different types of data recorders, control systems, as well as outdoor appliances, such as lawn mowers.

Coating and encapsulation of circuit boards derived from print that are used to build Light Emitting Diode (LED) Displays, highway signs, scoreboard signs, vehicle lighting assemblies, and in industrial applications, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), water treatment equipment, smoke detectors, and vending machines – ATM machines, for example. Other applications include sensors, temperature probes, and most computer keyboards. Lastly, electronics coating can be applied to vehicle computer applications such as police, utility, and delivery vehicles.

An electronics coating technology expert can form, or mold in place gaskets used in electrical enclosures, cable television enclosures, and automotive electronics modules. The same technology expert should be able to form silicone molds that are used as potting cavities to eliminate plastic or metal potting cases, as well as form aluminum master molds to cast silicone molds.

As specialized and fastidious as all of the above might sound, you need not look any further than Jessup Manufacturing to provide an electronics coating technology expert to help you with your custom coating needs. Jessup can supply engineering and development services for all that has been mentioned in the above paragraphs. Jessup’s electronics coating technology experts are equipped with the knowledge and the experience to achieve all of your coating requirements. Simply reach out to Jessup Manufacturing, and allow one of our professionals to explain in detail that is more intricate, how our professional electronics coating technology expert will be able to assist you.

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