Laminating Fabric

Laminating fabrics has become increasing popular due to the desire to protect materials that can easily be harmed, worn, stained, torn, and mishandled. Coupled with the fact that many fabrics are very expensive, and often very difficult to replace, it makes sense that more people are turning to laminating as a means to protect their fabrics. Laminating fabric makes the material water resistant, more durable, and even shinier and glossier. Although people try to laminate their fabrics on their own, it is recommended to seek out a professional for this procedures for two reasons: it is not as expensive as you might think, as long as you seek out a reputable fabric laminating company. The process is very tedious and difficult, and a misstep could lead to the destruction of the fabric you are trying hard to protect.

As was touched on previously, laminating fabrics and materials, as a technical definition, is the process of creating a permanent bond between two or more substrates. These substrates can be the same or different materials. The resulting product combines the best features of each fabric to create a reinforced product with enhanced durability, puncture resistance, and added stiffness.

Engineers experienced in this line of work should be able to fuse products such as Naugahyde vinyl, PVC, leather, ultra suede, alcantara, as well as many other natural and synthetic fabrics. Professionals in the industry, such as Jessup Manufacturing, serve a variety of industries that require or desire this type of service, including medicine, recreation, hospitality, footwear, apparel, and contract furnishings.

To learn more about laminating fabric, you should give Jessup Manufacturing a call to discuss the kind of custom bonding and lamination requirements you seek. Jessup prides itself on its ability to provide a variety of customizable options, as we do not shy away from challenges. Jessup has been in business for nearly a half century, and we believe in our ability to accomplish any type of customized fabric lamination. We would be happy to provide samples for you and your company to evaluate, upon request.

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