Jessup Glo Brite® Photoluminescent Signs Meet Canadian Building Code Requirements Energy Efficient Exit Signs Contribute to a Green Environment

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McHenry, IL

The Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) has certified that Jessup Manufacturing Company’s Glo Brite® Photoluminescent Exit Signs comply with CCMC’s Technical Guide for exit signs and exit direction signs.

The Glo Brite® system uses photoluminescent technology to absorb and store ambient light that is immediately visible in the event of a blackout or smoke. Glo Brite® is non-electric, non-toxic, non-radioactive and is recyclable. Jessup is North America’s leading manufacturer of non-slip and photoluminescent technology.

The CCMC certification means that the Glo Brite® photoluminescent signs conform to the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) and may be used in construction financed or insured under the National Housing Act. Jessup’s Glo Brite® signs meet all the NBC requirements for letter size, English and French language compliance and mounting options.

“Our low-cost, energy efficient , easy-to-install Glo Brite® system has numerous applications wherever people rely on a safe, reliable pathway in case of an emergency. Plus, they contribute to a “green” environment because they don’t require power and can be recycled” said Alan M. Carlson, vice president marketing/new product development for Jessup. “Glo Brite® signs are environmentally friendly, using ambient light to make them glow, unlike other systems such as tritium signs that use radioactive gas to activate the light source.”

Concerns about tritium were reinforced in late January when the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission refused to renew the license allowing SRB Technologies (Canada) Inc. (SRBT) to process or use tritium for making signs. SRBT is the primary North American source for tritium used in this type of emergency sign.

The CCMC offers a national evaluation service for all types of innovative construction materials, products, systems and services. Operating within the National Research Council’s Institute for Research in Construction (IRC), CCMC evaluations are based on the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada for health and safety, functionality, accessibility and egress.

For additional information about Jessup Manufacturing Company and the Glo Brite® line of photoluminescent films contact or phone 815-385-6650.

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