Jessup Deck Covering is NAVSEA Approved for MIL-PRF-24667C Type XI

Jessup Safety Track Nonskid Tape

McHenry, Ill. – Jessup Manufacturing Company has announced the introduction of Safety Track® 3810/3820 Military Grade peel-and-stick nonskid tapes and treads for marine and harsh environments. The latest in a long and distinguished line of nonskid products for safety applications, the Safety Track® 3800 Series has large aluminum oxide grit particles to provide traction in wet and hazardous conditions.

Jessup 3810 Black and 3820 Gray Safety Track® Military Grade has been tested and approved to meet and exceed MIL-PRF-24667C Type XI. It has been successfully tested and used for military and marine applications. Jessup 3810 Safety Track® Military Grade is used on U.S. Navy vessels under NAVSEA Approval #05S/2014-162.

“Jessup Safety Track® Military Grade meets the growing demand for marine peel-and-stick nonskid tapes. This product provides excellent traction from large size aluminum oxide grit and features an aggressive adhesive that anchors to the deck. It is a convenient replacement for epoxies that are applied to decks during major overhauls,” said Rob Jessup, President and CEO of Jessup Manufacturing Company.

Safety Track® Military Grade 3810/3820 is the newest addition to the Safety Track® family of nonskid safety products for industrial, commercial and institutional use. In addition to military and marine applications, this product is used on farm equipment, heavy construction equipment, scissor lifts and many places where good traction is essential for safety.

All Safety Track® products are engineered to exceed OSHA Standards by providing a durable, consistent non-slip surface or Coefficient of Friction (CoF). The silicon carbide grit in Safety Track® products ensures the longevity in both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition to Military Grade, Safety Track® Heavy Duty 3200 is a premium nonskid tape engineered to provide a durable nonslip surface that stands up to the oil, diesel fuel and mud found in the most extreme manufacturing and mining environments. The silicon carbide grit ensures consistent, long-lasting slip resistance under the toughest conditions. Safety Track® 3200 is certified for “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).

Other products used in military applications include Safety Track® 3700 Conformable and Safety Track® 3600 Coarse Resilient. Safety Track® 3700 Conformable has a foil construction that is designed for adhesion to irregular surfaces such as ladder rungs, diamond plate treads, and other raised surfaces. Safety Track® 3600 Coarse Resilient is made of heavily embossed rubber-coated PVC and is used for marine interiors, small boat decks, conveyors, and indoor industrial areas.

Jessup Manufacturing Company is a global manufacturer of coated and laminated materials and photoluminescent films and sheets. Jessup products are used in many industries, including industrial and facility safety; all transportation sectors (aerospace, automotive, rail, marine); building and construction; action sports; graphics media; and diversified manufacturing. Jessup has two manufacturing plants in Illinois.

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