Industrial Tapes for Floor Safety

GripTape2Floors safety in buildings needs to be one of the most frequently pursued aspects of building safety, as the most common type of accident in a building involves someone slipping, tripping, or falling. Even worse, these frequent accidents can sometimes lead to painstaking lawsuits that can cost a company or building owner. With so many scenarios that can lead to slipping, tripping, and falling – wet floor, floor cleaning, liquids, condensation, busy foot traffic, items left on the floor, dark hallways, stairwells and corridors – it is paramount that a company and building owner take the necessary safety precautions to limit, and possibly even completely prevent any accidents from happening.

One of the best ways to ensure floor safety throughout your building is through the implementation of industrial tapes, specifically grip tape. What is grip tape? Simply ask any skateboarding aficionado how wonderful and warranted grip tape is. Grip tape is what nearly all skateboarders, especially those at the professional level, use for traction on their boards. This type of industrial tape helps them keep their footing on the board while performing crazy stunts. If grip tape can help skateboarders with their footing while performing jumps, flips, and aerial stunts, imagine how beneficial it can be installed throughout your building for people who will be walking or treading swiftly (perhaps even running in the event of an evacuation procedure)?

If you need help finding the right type of industrial tapes to promote floor safety in your building, the best point of contact would be the professionals at Jessup Manufacturing. A Jessup representative will be happy to assist you with information regarding industrial tapes, and how to best conceive a plan for proper floor safety in your building. There are several different types of industrial tape, but once you describe to a Jessup professional what it is you are hoping to accomplish as it pertains to floor safety protocol, that individual will help you establish the best protection available.

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