Industrial Tape Types

SafetyTapeIndustrial tapes offer the best quality, value, and performance for all types of applications, whether it is for light duty needs or for heavy performance work. Industrial tapes must be counted on to achieve the most demanding applications. The following will list the several types of industrial tape that industrial businesses, as well as other businesses, count on to get the job done.

Masking Tape: This brand of tape is designed for superior a variety of applications, including paint masking, holding materials in place, splicing and bundling cords, packaging products, and several light duty demands. Masking tape has been depended on to handle many demanding industrial, painting, and transportation industry applications.

Flatback Tape: This tape is designed for a variety of packaging, splicing, and tabbing applications. It provides a tight and compact seal that will not break even under heavy pressure, and will maintain its adhesive under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.

Duct Tape: Also known as cloth tape, duct tape is used for the most demanding requirements and industry standards. This kind of tape is designed for high-grade raw materials and is held to the highest quality of standards in any industry, especially by industrial organizations.

Double Coated Tape: This tape features an extremely aggressive tack and is ideal for many industrial uses, including mounting, adhering, and bonding applications. Double coated tape offers exceptional performance in applications where long term bonding is mandatory. It is also ideal for mounting, cushioning, sound dampening, and vibration, as well as filling gaps.

Filament and Mopp Tapes: These brands of tapes provide superior adhesion for a variety of light to medium load applications. It utilizes tensilized polypropylene for light duty strapping, palletizing, and bundling.

Foil Tape: aluminum foil tapes are engineered with an aggressive and long lasting pressure-sensitive adhesive that demonstrates superior bonding when exposed to both sub-zero and elevated temperatures. The shiny, ultraviolet resistant foil backing offers an enhanced appearance, excellent reflective and flame retardant properties, and remains flexible to resist cracking and lifting around irregular or curved surfaces.

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