Industrial Coating Services & OSHA Regulations

Safety firstIt is interesting to hear industrial companies’ side of the story when it comes to rules and regulations set forth by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). Most people who hear stories about OSHA regulations, usually hear it from only one side – that of the industrial organization. Often, it is heard that OSHA is too strict, too quick to levy a fine, adamant and unyielding in their methods and policies, and some take it so far as to call OSHA representatives unjust. However, the industrial companies that think this way probably have been fortunate enough to never have a serious injury or death on a work site. The truth is, OSHA has to be strict and resolute in their policies because, accidents – whether it is from unfortunate circumstance or derelict in following rules – happen, and these accidents can lead to stoppage in work for extended periods, serious injury, lawsuits, and even worse – death.

A business in New Jersey recently had two serious injuries, one of which led to an amputation. It was determined that onsite, more than a dozen safety violations were apparent. More often than not, it is the same industrial companies claiming OSHA is too strict that are not following safety guidelines as they are intended. Believing that, because everyone on the floor of an operational facility or work site is a professional, everyone should be safe is clearly false in its reasoning and makes workers too comfortable in what are potentially dangerous areas. As it pertains to industrial coating services, such as the one mentioned earlier, there are too many working parts and machinery in use to be lackadaisical on the working floor. There are so many moving parts that involve heavy and forceful devices and mechanisms that everyone needs to be on their guard at all times. This is why it’s critical that businesses take their responsibilities seriously and keep abreast of all OSHA policies an updates. Maintaining a safe work site is just smart business.

There is no reason why industrial coating services cannot follow and abide by OSHA regulations. OSHA regulations are put in place to protect people and to save lives. In addition, there can be hefty penalties accessed when companies fail to comply with OSHA regulations, which means it can be cost savings for a manager or overseer of an industrial coating service facility to not know all of the OSHA regulations that pertain to that kind of facility. If there are any questions about OSHA regulations that may concern your industrial coating service facility, you have options to receive answer. One of those options is to contact Jessup Manufacturing, because they keep up to date on all the latest OSHA regulations and rules, regarding workplace safety.

All it takes is one unforeseeable accident to occur to create an unstable work environment. Do not let that happen on your site. Reach out to Jessup Manufacturing, and find out all of OSHA’s regulations that pertain to your work site.

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