Improve Building Safety with Anti Skid Tape for Stairs

Commercial building owners throughout the world implement specific practices and training courses to promote safety awareness. Companies in particular provide learning opportunities, procedural materials, and implement several measures to make certain individuals entering or working within structures remain safe. Anti skid tapes are an all-around solution for increasing traction in any location where a fall could take place; however, they are often lost in the mix of the numerous precautions a company or building owner has available to decrease the risk of an accident. These products are a good solution for a variety of environments including factories, hotels, offices, restaurants, gyms, and recreational areas. Stairs become increasingly dangerous as individuals track water on them or proceed to carry objects while wearing slick shoes.  An accident of this nature can result in an abundance of costs including medical bills, time off work, disability, workman’s compensation, insurance claims, and even legal expenses. The decision to install anti skid tape in accident prone locations such as stairwells supplies the necessary traction for preventing serious falls.

Understanding the Basis of Anti Skid Tape

Traction tapes are a product designed to aid individuals as they maneuver through a stairwell or in other areas where an accident could occur. A number of hazards are possible in a work or commercially oriented environment as individuals carry items, come across spills, or wear slippery soled shoes. Anti skid tapes are an adhesive product consisting of two sides designed to provide additional traction. They can be applied to a multitude of surfaces in any environment where a slip and fall incident could take place. Local regulations sometimes require the product to be in place for safety purposes; however, any commercial or public structure can install them as an additional precaution. Commercial grades are offered in various colors and sizes to supply the best solution for improved safety. The adhesive backside should be placed on a clean, non-porous surface to ensure it serves the desired purpose. A grit-like covering exists on the surface of the tape for increasing gripping capabilities as a person goes up or down a set of stairs.

Making Stairwells Less Dangerous

Black is a typically chosen color as it blends in with each step, but companies have several other color and grade choices once the decision has been made to use anti skid tapes. Products are generally designed to affix to multiple surface types ranging from wood to concrete. They are meant to remain in place for an extended period of time and make an effective choice for counteracting outside weather conditions. Anti skid tapes may be installed on stairwells within or outside of a structure to prevent a fall. While signing, defined procedures, and alternative precautionary measures do increase safety in any environment, anti skid tapes take any company’s efforts a step further. They not only supply the traction necessary to maintain footing in countless situations, but are also one of the most affordable ways to prevent individual harm. Jessup MFG offers a wide variety of non slip tape grades, colors, and sizes to businesses seeking a reliable accident prevention solution for stairwells within or outside of a structure.

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