Grip Tape, Anti Slip Tape

One of the most common accidents that happen in a building involves slipping and falling. Tough many of us get a kick out of seeing people trip, slip, and fall – especially on shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos – because we think it is funny and harmless, the truth of the matter is people can seriously injure themselves, and often that individual will bring a lawsuit against the business or building owner who manages the location. Luckily, there exists grip tape and anti slip tape that can prevent slips and falls from occurring.

Grip tape and anti slip tape are made of materials that promote traction. You have probably seen grip tape before, as it is most commonly found on skateboards, because it allows the rider to shift and move while being able to keep his or her feet set the entire time. Building owners are implementing the same kind of grip tape and anti slip tape on the floors of their buildings, in the stairwells, on stairs, and on rail handles. These places are seen as the most common locations for accidental slips and falls, which is a perfect location for anti slip tape to be placed, as it will significantly reduce accidents.

Grip tape and anti slip tape have proven to improve traction for heavy foot traffic. Professional skateboarders swear by the products, as do those businesses and building owners who have already installed throughout their location. For more information, you should get in touch with Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup can provide all the information you could possibly need regarding anti slip tape and grip tape. Jessup will explain the importance of having grip tape, and how anti slip tape has been thoroughly tested and will significantly reduce accidental falls. Jessup has been helping business owners and companies with egress and safety solutions for decades, and their professionals are standing by to assist you.

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