Good Product Development Engineers are Rare

manufacturingSomeone on television recently said that, when it comes to students choosing majors in college, everyone now wants to be on the stage, and no one wants to be in the audience. What this person was referring to is the huge increase in choice of majors in the arts, and an alarmingly reduced choice of majors in engineering. Math, science, and engineering majors are down, while majors in performing arts, film studies, and other liberal arts are leaping off the charts. While it is agreeable that kids should follow their dreams, is it possible that many youngsters are just ignorant of the creativity that is necessary in the engineering field? Do they know what a product development engineer does? Welcome to the world of invention.

A good product development engineer does not need to be a brilliant engineer. In some cases they may not need  an engineering degree at all, since there is much more that goes into the development of a product other than it’s design. There are many facets of product development. They require an engineer to draw on skills in prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing. He or she may need to generate drawings or create 3D models. An engineer needs to think about the use of the end product but also in how it can be branded, marketed and maybe even its packaging & shelf placement. Keeping all these skills in mind, you can see how this field requires a unique combination of imagination & implementation. Having these qualities along with a curious nature gives a product development engineer and edge in developing products that will appeal to consumers.

Product development companies such as Jessup Manufacturing are working hard to dispel negative notions of product development engineering, and are aiding in programs that reach prospective students and encourage them to seriously consider the career benefits of an engineering degree. Jessup understands the current state of the dwindling of good product development engineers needs to be corrected in order to improve manufacturing in the United States. Jessup encourages prospective students to contact them so that a representative can explain all that a career in product development engineering has to offer.

Today, Jessup is still fortunate enough to have a team of product development engineers who work together to make client ideas become product realities. Such realities that are state of the art, competitive, and profitable. If you are an inventor, or have an idea for a product, contact their engineers today to find out how to bring your ideas to life.

It is important that the United States start taking seriously the fact that finding good product development engineers is increasingly rare. It is not too late to reverse this awful trend. If we succeed in reversing the trend, the U.S. will garner an improved economy, with a vast improvement in product development engineering that will once again rival, even best those engineers in other countries.

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