Glow in the Dark Tape for Building Safety

Imagine you are in a large building, and some sort of terrible event takes place, and you have to evacuate immediately. Often, when a catastrophe strikes, it will knock out the power to a building. Luckily, the building owner installed photoluminescent exit signs, so the egress markings are visibly bright and clear. However, that does not help when you are trying to see steps or a stairwell when you are trying to descend several flights of stairs. During evacuation, most people will be moving in a panic or frenzy trying to escape the situation, which leads to clumsy and hasty movements, which consequently leads to tripping, falls, and accidents, some of which can be severe. Also, when one person falls amid a packed area of people all rushing toward the same route, the person who fell could cause a spiral effect, as other people will stumble and fall over that person, and more people will trip and fall over the numerous individuals already on the ground.

This is what causes delays and injuries during and evacuation, and could subsequently lead to not as many people reaching safety as could have if they could see their feet in front of them. This is why purchasing and installing glow in the dark tape for building safety is imperative. With glow in the dark tape on the ground during an evacuation through a dark corridor or hallway, people will be able to see much better where they are going, ultimately reducing the number of slips, falls, and potentially hazardous accidents. Glow in the dark tape will dramatically improve building safety, and increase the number of people securely evacuating the building.

Need help finding and pricing glow in the dark tape? Jessup Manufacturing has been helping companies and building owners optimize their building safety for decades, and will gladly help you find the best means to implement glow in the dark tape to improve building safety. Moreover, if you need additional information regarding low in the dark tape, Jessup has the professionals that can educate you on this safety material.

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