Finding the Best Non Slip Products for your Business

JessupStairTapeMaximizing the safety of a business’ workplace is of extreme importance when business owners are choosing safety products to be installed. One of the leading causes of accidents in the workplace involves workers slipping and falling, often caused by a surface that, for some reason, became slippery. Although it might initially seem like a casual slip or fall would not normally be serious. On the contrary, something as ordinary as a slip or fall could precipitate into a serious injury, and could possibly lead to the injury of others in the same workplace. Even worse, there have been incidents where slips and falls caused serious injury and death, as well as long standing and costly lawsuits aimed at the company where the slip and fall took place.

The best method of combating the issue of casual slip and falls is to outfit your workplace with a safety product that effectively minimizes and eliminates slips, trips, and / or falls. The best safety products to prevent these risks are non slip safety tape – one of many safety products Jessup Manufacturing offers to its customers. Jessup’s non slip tape products are made with materials that create the necessary traction and friction for footing in areas that tend to be more slippery than others, such as areas that accumulate condensation and liquids, or have frequent spills. When non slip safety tape is implemented throughout a workstation, the results prove that worker accidents involving slipping and falling are significantly reduced, much more so than any other non slip product available to industrial companies.

Jessup Manufacturing offers many different types of non slip tape products, all of which are designed to greatly improve workplace safety by enhancing footing on the ground. Some of these non slip products include commercial grade tapes and treads, as well as coarse heavy duty tapes and treads. Jessup also offers these non slip safety tapes in several different colors, and all are available in commercial grade. Jessup’s line of non slip tape products have been thoroughly tested, and have proven to be resilient in all kinds of settings, locations, and hazardous weather inducing effects. In addition, Jessup Manufacturing provides many different kinds of grade level applications, including heavy duty, commercial grade, resilient mid level and coarse, as well as fine grade non slip tape.

Because the grade of non slip product materials depends heavily on your workplace environment, it might be productive to contact Jessup Manufacturing, so that a Jessup professional can assist you with determining which non slip products and applications best suit your needs. A Jessup representative will be happy to evaluate your needs based on a description of your workplace environment, and then recommend the best non slip safety product for your specific workplace.

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