Finding a Quality Photoluminescent Tape Supplier

PhotoluminescentTapePhotoluminescence is the technology that provides the glow in the dark feature, which is created with eco friendly, green alternative materials. Because of its design features, photolumoinescent materials are mostly found in emergency exit signs and other egress products that are used to assist people with carefully and successfully escaping a dangerous situation when having to evacuate the premises. Most recently, city municipalities with a local police force and firefighting unit, for example, are incorporating a relatively new product that is laced with photoluminescent technology – photoluminescent tape. Photoluminescent tape, infused with photolumoinescent properties, can be placed on clothing and equipment so that firefighters and police officers can be spotted in dark locations, such as alleyways at night (police officers) or places filled with smoke from a fire outbreak (firefighters). Moreover, photoluminescent tape can be placed on fire hoses, or axes used to break down doors and walls, and other equipment used during emergency situations in the event the person using the equipment drops or loses a vital safety component, and is unable to find it due to being in a dark or smoky location.

Using photoluminescent tape in the methods described in the previous paragraph likely sounds like a brilliant idea. However finding a supplier of photolumoinescent tape can be problematic. In fact, photoluminescent tape suppliers are difficult to find, mostly because the concept is still relatively new. Fortunately, a reputable company does exist that has been around for decades, and prides itself on being the leading provider of materials and products used for egress and safety needs, and that company is Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup Manufacturing has been pioneering new and state of the art safety measures and products, such as photoluminescent tape, to customers for close to sixty years. Jessup offers several different types of photoluminescent products – all with its own specific safety benefits and features – which are the highest rated eco friendly, green alternative, glow in the dark egress products available on the market. One such highly rated photoluminescent product Jessup provides its customers is photoluminescent tape.

If you are in search of a reputable and quality photoluminescent tape supplier, contact Jessup Manufacturing, and one of the company’s representatives will be happy to help you decide what types of photoluminescent products and tapes your business needs, based on the type of service you offer. Jessup professionals are informed and versed on all safety products designed with photoluminescent technology, including photoluminescent tape. Jessup Manufacturing will have everything you need to outfit your building and your crew with the best in photoluminescent tape and other safety and products.

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